Kiev claims Putin, Poroshenko agree on ceasefire in E.Ukraine

Published on Sep 3, 2014 by RT

Presidents Putin and Poroshenko have agreed on a permanent ceasefire in the Donbass area of east Ukraine, the Ukrainian leader’s press office reports following a phone conversation between the two. READ MORE:

6 thoughts on “Kiev claims Putin, Poroshenko agree on ceasefire in E.Ukraine

  1. My Fellow Americans:

    Since the desried goal of the PIC (Pyscho’s-In-Charge) is WAR,… I will predict that this agreement between “Willie Wonka” & “Putin The Great”, is a sham that will quickly disintergrate so they can get back to the business of creating WW3.

    JD – US Marines – Their goal,…. their objective is NOT peace, is NOT stability, is NOT compromise, safety or anything else that does NOT lead to war,.. ergo,.. expect to see this “cease-fire” fall apart real quick.


  2. I dont know, but I wonder if PIC are trying to hold things together until after
    the elections this year. Then amnesty next year, full implementation of obamacare, then it all goes crazy. France suspended warship delivery to Russia, but they did not stop it.
    My predictions are not always accurate but I do think by Fall of 2015,
    well, be prepared. I also think the california drought is going to get worse,
    so add that to the pot also. If geo-engineering continues, the east will
    have a terrible winter, and california a dust bowl.
    I also think that having silver or gold will not help unless you pay attention to the right time to sell. PIC will outlaw metals. I have another question also. My credit card is zero, but what if I spent 10k on survival items and did not pay it back?? What are they gonna do to me? Lower my credit score? lol. any thoughts?

  3. “…what if I spent 10k on survival items and did not pay it back?”

    You’d have to check the statutes where you live, but likely you would be prosecuted for theft, which is done as well for insufficient fund checks. The amount of $10,000 would make it a felony. You would become fodder for the prison-for-profit system. The bank which holds your credit card would place a lien on and then take your assets (or sell the debt to a collector who would do the same), despite the fact that they never really “loaned” you any money but only created credit by pushing some keys on a keyboard. And if you winked out and couldn’t be found, the feebies would interpret that as an invitation to get involved and make your ever lovin’ life miserable.

    Now if you’re a Nigerian (they like running money and Medicaid scams in this area) or Messican, you’d be subject to some bored masonic or khazar finger wagging, pushed across the border, and then invited back.

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