Lame Duck Congress

First Published 10-19-20

It has become a virtual certainty that when the elections are over and Congress reconvenes, we will be looking at a lame duck session, which is to say that, those incumbents who have been voted out will have nothing to lose.  This being so, logic would dictate that their emphases should be turning towards President Obama’s reelection bid in 2012.

There are a lot of 99ers out there who have been putting forth the notion that Congress did not act to pass a Tier 5 Unemployment Extension because they did not want to explain on the campaign trail as to why they passed unfunded legislation.

This has not been my view, as I believe it has to be pretty obvious that when they passed the health care reform bill they pretty much sealed their fate.  I hope I am wrong.  If I am, I believe that the Tier 5 should be among one of the first matters that is brought up when Congress returns to Washington.  As I said, they have nothing to lose and everything to gain, as there are millions of us shouting for President Obama to get on down the road, who are about to be joined by millions more come the end of November if a Tier 5 is not passed.

If congress does not address the issue of a Tier 5 upon returning to Washington, it will become obvious to me that their intent all along has been to see riots in our streets, like the ones we have seen in Greece.  If this is the plan, they will not be worrying about the reelection of Obama, as they will be of the belief that they can complete the takeover of our country before the 2012 elections.

Most of us 99ers have to live without adequate resources.  Some of us are living in our cars and in the streets.  It is going to be a difficult thing to try and convince people without hope not to react as our enemies want us to.  However we must.  There are options as to how we can react to the affront that I believe we are about to face.  Rather than rioting, we must take a position of calm with organized thought.  Firstly, we must make contact with all those who will be joining our ranks at the end of November.

Secondly, we must begin educating the newly destitute in the art of survival in the 21st century.  This involves procuring food stamps, energy assistance, and learning where the best food banks are.  Those who have any land of which to work upon must be growing gardens.  Those who have firearms must keep them.  Those who do not need to acquire them.

At the beginning of World War II, we were sending a lot of armament to Europe, thus, before we could get our military industry up to speed, our own army was suffering from shortages.  Our troops, therefore, trained with model guns formed out of wood.  I think it might be interesting to see what would happen if a couple million 99ers started to form up all over the U.S. into five man fire teams of militia and began openly training in the art of guerilla warfare.

You may think this a little extreme, but come December, if they have not passed a Tier 5 you will not.  They have to know that it is not going to be riots, but rather war, if we are left without a choice.  At any rate it beats the hell out of succumbing to apathy and just lying down and dying.  Personally, they’ll have to kill me before I’ll die.

I never thought I would see it come to this.  With life and death hanging in the balance, the future of the greatest country ever to exist on this planet lies in the hands of a lame duck congress.

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