10 thoughts on “Latest 50 Meteor Report “Look Out America” Comet ISON

  1. It must be October. More Halloween horror stories of a hollyweird flavor.
    Segments of mankind have forseen horrific disasters associated with comets for all of recorded history. ALL FOR NAUGHT!
    No giant dirty ice and snow rock/ball is going to hit the earth.
    We now return you to your regular programming…..

    1. Geez….the last 10 years has been on big Halloween horror spoof; with all the ghouls & bloodsuckers in DC, a space rock thrown in my backyard would be a relief.

      1. Some things are beyond control of mortal man. Hollyweird has titilated the imagination with ridiculous movies such as the Bruce Willis vehicle, “Armageddon,” but the fact remains, mankind is helpless in such an event.

        We the People, the American Nationals have much more pressing issues to deal with. We really don’t need more problems, especially those beyond mankinds control. Fear of a giant dirty snowball is folly. Feeding that fear is madness designed to discredit everything else that person says and does.

        I for one will not quiver in my pumps pissing my pretty pink panties over things I cannot change.
        This BS destroys the credibility of Patroits by showing us to be wackos!

  2. There’s an alien spaceship hiding behind comet ISON. Really. I swear to God!!!
    Now cut your balls off, put on this jumpsuit, drink this Kool-Aid and we can all go party with the aliens.

  3. As a member of the International Meteorite Collectors Association, IMCA member #3241, I can honestly attest to the fact that today is just another day in our solar system.

    Fireballs happen everyday and are part of the 40 tons of “space debris” that lands on our planet on a daily basis, but keep in mind that our planet is 70% water and the 30% land mass is not as densely populated as one might imagine. Most of this debris is measured in microns and is encapsulated in rain drops or snowflakes.

    Also, on a daily basis are larger debris around the size of either a golfball to the size of a basketball that enter our atmosphere that creates a bright brilliant spectacle which wows us but burns up in our upper atmosphere. And then we get around 20 fireballs like those in Peekskill NY, West TX or Carrancas Peru which drop little visitors for us collectors.

    Then we have the Chelyabinsk Russian fall from February of this year which really wakes us up and brings to light the actual threat of what could happen.

    Due to modern technology we are more aware of our surroundings and what is actually out there. However, it is just another sunny day in paradise.

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