Latest Rense Promoted Fukushima Radiation Hysteria Video Illustrative of the Triumph of Ignorance Over Informed Observation and Analysis, Part 1

Dave's CPM reading at Surfer's  beach on Dec. 19 2013Educate Yourself – by Ken Adachi

On December 28, I saw a Fukushima radiation hysteria article titled ” Fukushima Radiation Hits San Francisco! (Dec 2013) ” posted to my Yahoo E-Y discussion forum on Dec. 28, 2013 by a forum member named Greko. It was yet another Japan radiation hysteria article among dozens posted to the internet daily by either paranoid, uninformed individuals (as in this case), or are propaganda presentations (E.g., intended to deceive. This posting referred to a Youtube video (shown further below) taken by a man named “Dave” on December 23, 2013 at a beach near San Mateo (in northern California) called Surfer’s Beach. So far, Dave’s video has registered 353,000 views since he posted it on December 24 (undoubtedly greatly helped by Jeff Rense’s promotion of the video and its sensational title).  

Dave uses the Youtube name of Kill0Your0TV. Dave has 20 Fukushima radiation “the-sky-is-falling” videos posted at his Youtube index page. He’s obviously a believer in the contrived Fukushima radiation hysteria campaign launched by the Illuminati in the immediate wake of the sabotage events carried out with mini tactical nukes at the Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in Fukushima prefecture between April 11- 14, 2011. Just for the record, there was NO forty foot high wall of water that inundated and “knocked out” the Daiichi power station on April 11 as many mindless internet twits regurgitate endlessly. In fact, there was no tidal wave that hit any shore of Japan on April 11, 2011. There was ONLY a sea surge (as can be plainly seen in all of the videos that were shown on Japamese TV) caused by the rapid creation of steam due to the undersea nuclear detonations that took place in the Sea of Japan on April 11th, 2011 and caused the so-called “9.0 earthquake” described by the Zionist-owned lametream media (the magnitude of the event was nowhere near Richter 9.0, otherwise thousands of buildings all over Japan {and people} would have immediately been knocked down to the ground).

The comments posted to the above linked article were partly embellished by Alexandra Bruce who has a web site called ForbiddenKnowldgeTV (which is tilted towards looming catastrophism), and partly a re-pasting of the comments which Dave posted on his Youtube page. In this article, I’ll examine the Youtube comments of Dave, who took the giger counter-reading video at Surfer’s Beach, Alexandra Bruce, and the unfounded presumptions of Uber Fukushima Radiation Fear Meister, Jeff Rense of, who posted Dave’s video along with his own commentary on December 28, 2013

First, let’s look at Dave’s video and his Youtube comments:

Fukushima radiation hits San Francisco! (Dec 2013)

Published on Dec 24, 2013 by Kill0Your0TV

This shocking video was taken December 23rd 2013 with a quality Geiger Counter south of Pacifica State Beach (Surfers Beach) California.

Background radiation reading is 30 CPM. Near the ocean it’s 150 CPM. The moister coming from the ocean waves seems to be what makes the Geiger Counter jump up 5X. This is not normal at all. More thorough readings need to be done. Where is the useless government/media? Thanks to for originally publishing this video.


Geiger Counter used:…

Original video source:…

Massive starfish deaths on West Coast:……

All sardines gone from West Coast of BC:…

Bald eagles dying in Western US:…

Unprecedented declines in Alaska and BC salmon:…

Real-time radiation monitoring for North America:

NOTE: The Radiation Network website, for example, uses a threshold warning level of 100 CPM, mainly because it is unusual to observe levels of 100 or higher without something more going on in the area than just background level.

From the Inspector Geiger Counter’s user manual: “CPM (or CPS) and total counts are the most direct methods of measurement; mR/hr (or uSv/hr) is calculated using a conversion factor optimized for Cesium-137, so this mode is less accurate for other radionuclides, unless you have calibrated the “geiger counter” for a specific radionuclide using an appropriate source. It is more appropriate to measure alpha and beta activity using CPM than using mR/hr. Conversion for alpha and beta emitters is calcuated differently, and the “geiger counters” reading in mR/hr may not be accurate.”


Comment from Ken Adachi: Anyone with a brain watching this video can see that Dave has deluded himself into believing that the higher background Geiger counter CPM reading over the beach sand is due to radioactive contamination from Fukushima. That’s absurd. Fukushima Japan is 6,000 miles away, on the other side of the world (look at a globe). That beach sand would have demonstrated the same radiation CPM reading had it been taken on March 10, 2011 or any other date prior to the March 11, 2011 attack on Japan. The real problem here is that Dave is paranoid, already biased towards the Fukushima radiation hysteria mind set so thoroughly showcased at, that he went down to the beach with his nifty $565 Inspector pancake style Geiger counter and his video camera to confirm his worst fears of 99 CPM “alarm” readings (that he set his Geiger counter to trip at) – which he just knows is coming from Japan. But he couldn’t get readings above 50, or 75, or 99 CPM at his home, or in his neighborhood, or anywhere else in that part of California, except at the beach, where FINALLY the smoking gun evidence is right there – on the beach – for all to see!

Dave is greatly alarmed by the “5X” jump from normal 30 CPM background levels due to “The moister [sic] coming from the ocean waves…” However, if you watch the video carefully, you will notice at the 4:04 minute mark, that Dave starts walking towards the edge of the water and describes how the CPM reading is now dropping down to the 40 or 50 range, the closer he gets to the water. It never occurs to Dave that his presumption that the CPM readings is due to “The moister [sic] coming from the ocean waves…” is simply illogical based on this observation alone. The moisture or water vapor coming from the “ocean waves” would equally interpenetrate the entire region, not just the central part of the beach where he’s getting the higher readings.

The higher CPM radiation readings are coming from the sandand not from the moisture in the air.

Many different types of rock, igneous particularly, have natural radioactivity. Granite is the best known example. Radioactive trace minerals can be found on beaches or in soils anywhere in the world.

Some excerpts from Radioactrivity in Minerals

“Radioactivity in minerals are caused by the inclusion of naturally-occurring radioactive elements in the mineral’s composition. The degree of radioactivity is dependent on the concentration and isotope present in the mineral. For the most part, minerals that contain potassium (K), uranium (U), and thorium (Th) are radioactive.”

“Minerals which contain Rare Earth Elements (REE) are generally more radioactive because thorium is commonly substituted for one or more of these REE.

“Radioactive accessory minerals such as zircon may contribute to the radioactivity of a mineral which is otherwise non-radioactive by calculation. Many granites or other igneous rocks contain some radioactivity because of minor, but highly radioactive, accessory minerals.”

Another factor to consider in this “shocking” video is the radiation scale being quoted. Counts Per Minute (CPM) is a quick and easy scale to give you a general idea of the overall radiation picture. However, the Inspector Geiger counter used here is capable of detecting all 4 types of ionizing radiation which include alpha, beta, X-ray, and gamma radiation. Alpha radiation is relatively harmless as it can only travel 6 inches in air and is easily stopped by a piece of paper or clothing. Beta radiation is more penetrating, but it is absorbed by only a few feet of air. The greatest concern for damaging biological effects from ionizing radiation is from gamma radiation, but gamma radiation is usually only emitted by the well known radio nuclides such as uranium, radium or weapons grade plutonium and not the sort of natural radioactive elements found in sand along the seashore. The CPM scale does not distinguish between an ionizing event from alpha, beta, or gamma waves. It just a total count of ANY ionizing wave which would includecosmic rays that bombard the earth constantly from outer space. Therefore, a high CPM reading of 412 just a couple of inches above the sand which Dave recorded at the same beach on Dec. 19, 2013 does not mean that the beach was contaminated from Fukushima, nor does it necessarily mean that it’s dangerous or worrisome if 80 or 90% of the radiation being detected is coming from alpha waves. You can read more about Radiation in Nature here.

Here’s what the Ubermeister of Fukushima Doom & Gloom hysteria promotion, Jeff Rense had to say about Dave’s “shocking” Geiger counter discovery at Surfer’s Beach:

Radiation On Northern CA Beach – It’s Here – Vid

Jeff Rense

The following video was taken on 12-24-13 with an Inspector Plus geiger counter by ‘Dave’ giving readings on a Northern California beach due West of San Mateo. The beach is south of Princeton Harbor which in turn is just south of Pillar Point where ‘Mavericks’ big surf comes in. The best description is the San Mateo Coast. Just south again from Princeton Harbor begins the City of Half Moon Bay.

As you will see, the normal background radiation above the small bluff at this beach is about 30 CPM (Counts Per Minute).
The video is self-explanatory and we are greatly indebted to Dave for making it and sending it in. Today’s readings on the beach were taken standing up…with the Inspector about 5 feet off the ground.

On Thursday, 12-19, four days earlier, Dave went to the same beach but with a plastic bag for his Inspector. He placed it down about 2 inches above the sand and got radioactive readings of 412 Counts Per Minute (CPM)..over 13 TIMES NORMAL BACKGROUND of 30 CPM. See the readout chart below…

Dave's CPM reading at Surfer's  beach on Dec. 19 2013


In mid November of this year, Devon from San Diego sent me an email that began:

“We found a piece of Fukushima (Daiichi nuclear facility) fear mongering from October 23, 2013 at entitled “Japan’s Theater Of The Nuclear Absurd“. The author,Richard Wilcox Ph.D. throws around scary sounding numbers starting with the first paragraph stating, “Fukushima nuclear power plant no. 1 (FNPP#1) is leaking upwards 160 billion becquerels of radiation into the ocean every day, including cesium, strontium and who knows what else on a list of ‘dangerous isotopes’ (2).”

I posted the entire email here:

Thinking Reader Brilliantly Dissembles Rense-Posted Fukushima Radiation Hysteria Article with Simple Mathematical Analysis (Nov. 15, 2013)

A few days later, I’m happy to report, Rense took the Wilcox article down, obviously embarrassed by Devon’s ability to think for himself and refute the specious nonsense generated by just one of the many Fukushima radiation “authorities” featured at (I’d be curious to see if Jeff also takes down his Dec. 28 posting on Dave’s video after the analysis I’ve presented here gets around :-).

In the links under Dave’s Youtube video, he includes articles about sardines and eagles, starfish and salmon, all supposedly dying off at a rapid pace due to the non-existent radiation pouring out of Fukushima. Alexandra Bruce also jumps on the disappearing sardine bandwagon as indicative of Fukushima poisoning.

In Part 2, however, I will review and analyze the very articles they point to as “proof” of Fukushima radiation poisoning and show that the articles themselves make no allusion or reference to Fukushima as a causative factor in anything, but rather refer to 20 year on and 40 year off natural cycle of sardine fishing in the waters off British Columbia. And contrary to the lies posted at Dave’s link to, the salmon harvest in the Pacific Northwest is experiencing an all time BOOM in population. More salmon are returning to spawning streams in Washington, Oregon and British Columbia than were seen in recent years. Millions of people are being brainwashed by sensational headlines and specious, inaccurate propaganda articles about a Fukushima radiation “disaster” that simply does not exist.

Since March of 2011, I’ve posted at least 35 or 40 articles debunking the myth of Fukushima radiation as having any influence at all on the people, fish, or atmosphere of North America. Fukushima radiation hysteria is a an Illuminati contrived psy-ops. just like Global Warming and Peak Oil were contrived out of whole cloth, having no basis in reality.

Ken Adachi

Sent to us by the author.

16 thoughts on “Latest Rense Promoted Fukushima Radiation Hysteria Video Illustrative of the Triumph of Ignorance Over Informed Observation and Analysis, Part 1

  1. Hey thanks for posting. i was one of the people who was believing this stuff, but no longer. The truth shall set us free, along with some well chosen weapons of course, and the kahunas to use them.

  2. Well, I’ll admit. I was pretty worried there but after reading this article I feel so much better now. Whew!!!! It’s all good everybody. Nothing to worry about. Disaster averted. Situation normal. You heard this guy…Tepco and the Japanese Gov’t have everything under control and would never lie to us. I feel so loved.
    Now I can stop worrying about the people in Japan getting sick and dying and I can stop worrying about the other 400+ nuclear reactors around the globe. Ahhhhh blissful ignorance….I’ve missed you.

          1. I don’t know who this Ken Agajacuzzi guy is but I can tell you where he plagarized half of his article from. He got it from Jim Stone’s website. And Jim Stone says there is nothing to worry about from any radiation from Fukushima.
            Which is good, because everybody knows Jim Stone has been a nuclear physicist since the year two thousand and fukking never. So when he says we have nothing to worry about we should all trust him.
            Oh and Jim Stone and Jeff Rense hate each other. Which explains the attack on Jeff Rense.
            Then again, I wouldn’t trust anything Rense says either. Don’t believe me on this…just ask Jeff Rense’s 8 ex wives.

          2. Tammyc it looks to me that you have a far better grasp of this situation than i will ever dream of having. glad your here.

          3. Yes, nothing to worry about here, radiation is good for you. They’ll soon be breakfast cereal fortified with extra nutritious radiation on the store shelves. Can’t the authors at least get the date of incident correct?

  3. the steam story was bogus also. But as Tammy mentioned, we are far from being out of the woods. Radiation is still coming in the pacific, and even in the U.S. we will see more cancer patients because of it…slow kill is the way they work. Altho, I think they are going to speed things up this year, they are getting a bit nervous. And I agree with Paul too… lock and load.

  4. I have two things to say. First off, Rense has an advertisement on his web page that states that “The State Department Voted Rense #1” or something along those lines. Why would The State Department be buying ad’s on Rense and, why would Rense let them advertise on his site that is supposedly exposing the government??
    Secondly, this story above reeks of B.S. It reeks of other things, too….as in hysteria control. I stopped visiting Rense’s site due the ad by the SD, and now I’ll stop visiting this site due the obvious government takeover.

  5. The guy can say what he wants.
    Something is going on; plants in my garden would mutate after every rain.
    Six months after 3-11-11 I was caught out in a rain working most of a day and lost several patches of hair. People kept asking me why I had so many bald spots: I looked like a mangy dog. This was before anyone had heard of the polar bears.

  6. I for one am not going all in on this article. Perhaps some uneducated idiots are making videos but that is the nature of youtube. Rense is a hard site to trust. I have found more articles on that site to have no basis in reality than fox news.
    I love how in japan the detectors all say normal. Must be normal for standing in a nuclear waste dump.

  7. Family members are calling us from California with thyroid problems and other obviously radiation related illnesses. Facebook and Twitter heavily censored it in the first few days. The news won’t touch it. I could go on but it’s very real. The ridiculous storyline about cleaning the water and all the other obvious lies coming from Fukushima also add credence that it’s a real event. Was the fuel not there? Were the explosions fake? Is the damage to the reactors not real? Are those fake fuel bundles? I don’t know who this guy is but I’ll be sticking to my clay detox and paleo diet thank you.

  8. If radiation was as safe as some on the net claim, you would wonder why they even try bother containing it at all.
    Publicly the world’s leaders, political and environmental, have been positively silent. I remember the worlds response (and Russian) over Chernobyl.
    Notice though, there has been no let up on “Climate Change”.
    So what can we take learn from that?
    Radiation may cause early human death, but does not cause global warming. Hmmmmm.

  9. I heard a little radiation is good for your health, and studies show that mercury improved cognitive performance in children.

    Can pigs fly?

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