LAX Shooting: Officials Confirm ‘Incident’ At Airport, Witnesses Hear Gunshots

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A gunman opened fire at LAX, injuring several people and prompting an evacuation at the airport, ABC News reports.

Few details were immediately released, but CBS reports that there was an evacuation at Terminal 3, as well as multiple injuries. A suspect with a high-powered rifle was shot and secured by cops at about 9:30 a.m. local time, authorities told CBS. It’s unclear how the alleged gunman got through security.  

“After the initial burst of gunfire and hiding, people started jumping over one another, jumping off chairs, pushing each other,” Fox Sports reporter Bill Reiter said on Twitter. “Chaos & fear.”

Police carrying weapons are swarming the airport. It wasn’t immediately unclear how many victims there are, but CNN confirms through authorities that it’s a “multi-patient incident.”

8 thoughts on “LAX Shooting: Officials Confirm ‘Incident’ At Airport, Witnesses Hear Gunshots

  1. Beat me to it, Angel. I was just going to send this one in.

    Had to run a full scan on my computer. It just finished.

  2. I am listening to the live feed out of LA on their CBS station. this is a quote from the chopper pilot, when asked about the second gunman, “We have not been GIVEN that part of the story”.

  3. The new report says it was a TSA agent that was shot.Now how the hell did a guy with a rifle get past the security check point? Something smells,bad. This shows that the TSA is not making it safer for us at all. Not that i ever felt safer anyway. So why have security check points at all if they don’t work. Oh thats right they do work,all those pocket knives and spoons and such they take from people.

      1. I don’t know if they will arm the TSA. But they’re making plans to redesign the airport to include “expanded security screening areas, additional explosives-detection devices and multi-level terminals with concrete basements, where bomb technicians would check suspicious bags”. Interesting that this incident (drill) took place at El Al airline.

  4. No video footage from the hundreds of cameras? Until I see some footage I refuse to believe a damn thing.

    1. absolutely mark
      The TSA came from 9 1 1 and that was fake………so all this stuff after ,
      damn sure is fake……All Of It…planned…………
      so pass along to anyone who will listen, no matter how thumbs down you may receive of doing so, that damn it….people take a look at the evidence of 9 1 1….and then go from there to make decisions of whats what after that……..blatant crime of all………….Man what a huge one!!!

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