Lebanon’s President Announces Israeli Attacks Are “Declaration Of War”

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

After pro-Iran allies in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq were all hit in suspected Israeli strikes in the space of less than 24 hours, signalling a new aggression out of Tel Aviv and willingness to risk yet another major Middle East war, Arab capitals are now alerting their armed forces to be on a war footing

Lebanese President Michel Aoun on Monday condemned the “Israeli assault on the southern suburbs of Beirut” and told the country’s United Nations Special Coordinator, that the recent spate of drone strikes on Lebanon amount to a “declaration of war”.

Especially in Lebanon, where the most powerful military force is not the Army but Shiite paramilitary group Hezbollah, tensions are soaring after Hezbollah media offices in Beirut were targeted by Israeli drones overnight Sunday.

A separate Israeli operation the day following reached deep into Lebanon, killing a PFLP-GC leader in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley (a Palestinian paramilitary group).

ezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah described the weekend aggression as was the first Israeli attacks inside Lebanon since the devastating month-long 2006 war; however, Israel has yet to claim the Beirut attack.


4 thoughts on “Lebanon’s President Announces Israeli Attacks Are “Declaration Of War”

  1. An open letter to Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, Palestinians, Iraq, etc…band together and utterly destroy the Zionist bastards.
    From: me
    PS, the world will thank you

  2. “… the recent spate of drone strikes on Lebanon amount to a “declaration of war”.

    As long as jews infest this planet… there will be no peace.

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