Letters being received in Texas: No Food Stamps at all for November

My daughter got a letter in the mail (Killeen, Texas) saying food stamps for October were paid then skipped November and no issuance of food stamps until December 1st. She is a disabled woman.

It looks like no one is going to get a check for November.

She also said she has talked to others and they got the same letter. Even some elderly people that she knows got the same letter.  

Misty told me that at first it was only going to be a 20-60 dollar cut, which is what everyone is posting and has talked about on the news stations the last week or so on TV, but that has changed.

The letter she received shows no issuance for November. The month was not even listed only October and then December, under that November was not even shown.  She usually gets $300 a month.  This is happening in the State of Texas.


As you can see, there is no November listed, only December.

3 thoughts on “Letters being received in Texas: No Food Stamps at all for November

  1. This is Mark in Houston AGAIN besides the food stamp cut from My daughters information above the mail man just gave her another letter it SAYS YOU NOW HAVE NO HEALTH INSURANCE YOUR MEDICAID HAS BEEN CUT OFF. SHE IS DISABLED. There might be a clause stating Disability which she is. She will send me a copy and will email henry here as to the other letter coming out in Texas.

    Mark in Houston

  2. Remind me not to go to Walmart in November. It’s gonna be a brutal month for us in Texas. Sorry to hear about your situation, Mark. I’m in Austin. I don’t think it will be as bad as Houston, but who knows.

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