Liberation Day Anniversary

My fellow Trenchers,

Today is the 3 year anniversary of the day I left L.A. – FOREVER!!!

To begin with, I wish to express my thanks to my good friends and allies of TRUTH, Henry & Laura Shivley, for this site… no other can compare, anywhere, for pure, unadulterated TRUTH. FTT is the only reason I’ve managed to retain what little is left of my sanity for the last (almost) six years. I’d also like to thank my friend & fellow Trencher, Ryan, since Sweet Home was on his list of possibles to move to… it’s exactly the kind of place I’ve wanted to live in for my entire life. No more concrete jungles for me – mountains, trees, lakes, rivers & streams EVERYWHERE… this is truly God’s Country, if anywhere is.  

And last, but not least, I wish to thank all of you, my good friends & fellow Trenchers, for your continued support of FTT, and for your outstanding efforts at exposing the lies & propaganda. There is no more intelligent & awake group of nationals in the entire country than right here on The Trenches, imo. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!

So… fire up a fatty, or raise a glass, and celebrate with me my liberation from the worst hellhole this side of Chitcago…FREEDOM AT LAST!

Now, let’s all work together to regain our TRUE freedom from this NWO tyranny!

# 1 NWO Hatr

6 thoughts on “Liberation Day Anniversary

  1. !!!! #1 Happy Anniversary !!!! This August will be eight years since I escaped Chicago…..I share your sentiments about the people here at the trenches… let’s PARTAY !!!

    1. Thanks, mary. 🙂

      Spent two days in the Chitcago bus station downtown back in ’73.

      Not fun.

      Partay I did… picked up some ‘9 Pound Hammer’ (excellent local grown, $30 for a quarter), a couple grams of ‘Purple Gangster (22% THC), and some Indica ‘Goo’ (70% THC) yesterday.

      Overslept… that’s why I’m so late posting today. 🙂

        1. Unfortunately, pot is not a luxury, it’s an absolute necessity. I have no appetite without it, and I definitely can’t sleep worth a damn without it (due to the insanity I see in the news every day).

  2. Happy Anniversary, #1. Somehow, in this toxic mess of war and deception, we have to find ways to give to ourselves and make life bearable. Glad you have mountains, rivers and trees. Hard to beat.



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