9 thoughts on “Liberty

          1. I’ll have to agree with you Angel. Thought when they first showed up I thought my eyes were getting bad. haha

          2. Paul,
            I tried the last one (for Sh$ts ‘n Grins)…It’s PURPLE! LOL
            I won’t even try a “Wink” anymore. 🙂

  1. I hate the term “LOOTERS”. This started with Katrina. It demonizes protesters and sides with “officials”. How about “UPRISING”? “LOOT” is a term used by “officials” to demonize regular common people “UPRISING” against fascist “officials”. I HATE THE TERM “LOOTERS”. It is a loaded term.

    THE FED & BANKSTERS ARE THE REAL “LOOTERS”. They are looting this country, not the protesters.


    “Officials” won the war-of-words with “LOOTERS” & “CONSPIRACY THEORISTS”.

    The same people who invented the phrase “CONSPIRACY THEORISTS” also invented “LOOTERS”. Why do you think that every single protest the “news” revvs up “LOOTERS” on radio, TV, & newspapers???

    COME ON!!!!!!!!!

    Like good little SHEEPLE PARROTS, whenever there’s a protest, we start saying “LOOTERS” like good little brainwashed sheeple.

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