Life without a Microchip Implant will be difficult

Published on Feb 14, 2014 by Levi Price

This video discusses how the microchip is taking over society in all our everyday activities and warns of the coming necessity to have a microchip implant if one wants to function normally in society.

5 thoughts on “Life without a Microchip Implant will be difficult

  1. I have seen many examples as in this film but i have a thousand questions that need answers. I can not wonder at the source of the digital currency that is going to allow you to buy and sell. Let’s see we have all this robot technology coming which is no pay. Then we have the end of welfare and all government support and a third world nation here they say. There will be no private enterprise, corporations will rule. We wont have cars, private homes, ability to travel except in special circumstances, There will be shortages in everything and one will have to buy air and water. Tell me please what kind of a world will this be. Oh and do not forget the diet of bugs since meat is unsustainable. I would laugh at those planners but the picture looks very bleak to me.

    Take the chip? What ever for? Please tell me.

  2. I knew something like this was coming, but had no idea what it would look like, other than to be ‘sold’ on the pretense of security and convenience. This is such a scary concept. I feel more and more like Tom Horn every day.

  3. Too much fear mongering in this video. Technology is something that you can choose to use or not to. The Amish don’t believe in using electricity, yet I personally find the convenience of electricity worthy of using it. An implanted chip however is not something I would allow or volunteer for. I for one would not want any kind of chip implanted anywhere in my flesh. I wouldn’t want to be tracked like a tagged animal. Trying to enforce mandatory chip implanting could be that final spark that starts the fight that will end with the restoration of the Republic.

  4. “… warns of the coming necessity to have a microchip implant if one wants to function normally in society.”

    The society you’re speaking of is anything BUT normal. No sane person would want any part of it.

    Have to kill the chippers, imo.

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