Like all in the world…allopathic medicine has its place!

Surgery would not exist…except for rapid awake saw amputations as in the Civil War (Southern States Rights) Era, if anesthesia had not been perfected.

When a person has holes in them from any type of trauma…stabbing, GSW, broken bones sticking out akimbo…fractured pelvises, skulls, femurs, ribs with collapsed lungs, etc., nobody “gives a shit” about “alternative” medicine. Plugging the holes ASAP, fixing the fractures, opening blocked vascular passages is the ONLY possibility for survival. And I guarantee that you do NOT want that done if I (or someone with my skills) is not there.  

When you sit too long on an airplane and get dehydrated, causing a clot in the large vein in your calf, and upon standing in shoots up through the right side of your heart lodging crosswise, in what’s called a “saddle embolus”, blocking both pulmonary arteries, preventing 90+% blood flow through your lungs and heart. You will thank me 2-3 days later, when you walk out of the hospital and go home; after your chest has been cut wide open with a circular saw in less than 30 seconds and the surgeon removes the clot, and closes the resulting holes thus saving your life.

If I’m not there, you will be awake, aware, hear, see, remember and most importantly FEEL all of the pain associated with that. Your body will probably not tolerate the hemodynamics stress, and you would die.

Thanks to me, you feel no pain, do not remember the surgery and horrific trauma inflicted, do not move while the surgeon is repairing your major vascular passages…and walk out 3 days later. During the procedure, I breathe for you, I replace lost blood and fluids for you, I measure your urine output to make sure your kidneys don’t shut down and I keep your blood pressure in a range that prevents end organ damage like a stroke, MI, etc.

It’s late tonight….and although I think I’m pretty open minded… NO Vitamin C or B-17 or organic veggies were involved. And I guarantee you would have died if I used them.

Should you be charged an astronomically exorbitant price for any of those services?

Absolutely Not. 25-30 years ago, you would not have been.

Middlemen have interfered. They have no blood on their hands, face or body from the real work. They have not only skimmed, but criminally increased the price of medical care. I’m a conspiracy realist. I’m not going to say who they are here, because I know all readers of this site will know what entities I’m referring to.

Trust me, I’m very empathetic about alternative cancer preventatives and cures. But when you take gunshot shot wounds to the chest/abdomen or anywhere, for that matter…traditional allopathic medicine has a s**t load of things to offer that you will be thankful for…and Vitamin C is way, way, way, down the list.

Peace Out, as they say!

13 thoughts on “Like all in the world…allopathic medicine has its place!

  1. This is a typical black and white misdirection. Emergency care is no more allopathic than naturopathic. It is simply that all money goes to allopathic centers to build and maintain emergency rooms and O.R’s. If naturopathy were in vogue by the psychopaths controlling the direction of medicine then all hospitals would have the same E.R’s and trauma centers but all non life threatening sicknesses would be treated to end the disease which IS naturopathy not as now to suppress symptoms which is allopathy.

    1. Believe it or not, after the ER and OR, trauma victims often spend weeks or months in the same hospitals being treated by medications that will allow them to eventually live a normal life and not die of the infections that would have absolutely occurred because of the extent of their injuries (open fractures packed full of dirt, grass and gravel after a car or motorcycle accident or multiple abdominal gun shot wounds leaking E. coli, and a host of other toxic bacteria in their peritoneal cavities…not to mention the copious bleeding spewing forth when first opening the abdomen during surgery. Why do you think getting “gutshot” was such a cruel thing in the Old West and movies about the era?)
      Are current patients charged a fair price? No.
      Were there other medication that could have sped their recovery or improved survivability…that are suppressed for profit? Probably!
      But your “black and white” argument is b**lshit.
      If you want to live in the Middle Ages go ahead.
      But…Do NOT ever go to an MD or a hospital, in extremis, or you are the worst kind of Hypocrite.

      1. Allopathy has nothing to do with recovery and IF you were to get off your high horse of belief you would know most of the treatments used in allopathy for healing are synthesized versions of natural healing aids. If YOU were burned would you use butter and petrolatum as was told to all of us by allopaths or silver as told to us by naturopaths? If YOU had a hunk of flesh torn from your body would you be ok with filling yourself with antibiotics (know what they do to our immune system?) or would you prefer to slather on calendula? If YOU were to suffer cancer would you go the allopathic road? How you answer that shows the level of knowledge you possess in this subject. Have YOU ever cured any animals of cancer as I have using no allopathics only food products, distilled and whole? NO? You have not done ONE experiment and can only parrot what you believe? Do some real research and stop believing. Believers are the most ignorant of chattel. By the way you are ignorant of the fact that naturopathy is beginning to overtake allopathy but at this point only the wise and knowledgeable are going to hospitals offering naturopathy. You speak like a minion of Flexner and Fishbein. Know who these two criminals were? I bet you know who they were but have not a whit of a clue about their actual work, do you? A little knowledge is dangerous and you possess a little less than I do in this area.

  2. This propaganda (the article) brought to you by the AMA.

    So let’s just compare apples to oranges, while you’re at it.

    Treatment of gunshot wounds is a world away from preventative medicine.

    1. Ad Hominem right up front.
      “Apples and Oranges”? You can do better than that!
      Make sure you bring up the Vitamin C with the people that are working to save your life if you ever get a severe traumatic injury.
      I’m sure they’ll appreciate the diversion from their efforts.
      BTW, preventative medicine does NOT prevent gunshot wounds…or any other traumatic injury.
      I just wanted to be sure you grasped that concept.

  3. Wow!
    Not the response I expected.
    I thought I conveyed my understanding that I felt there are major problems with fraud, suppression, unnecessary procedures, misdirected priorities, etc. involved in the modern medical and pharmceutical system.
    That said. Many articles on this and other sites about alternative or naturopathic therapies contain content and and especially comments seriously condemning the whole “organized medical system.” (I’ve never been in the AMA, BTW).

    I was merely trying to remind the regular commenters and readers on FTTWR that they should not reflexively condemn the whole system.
    There are some very, very valuable things that all of us may utilize from the system during our lives.
    Just a little, “I see your point”…or “thanks for some perspective”…especially from the regular commenters would be nice.

    So far, only the “asshole” debating team members have responded.
    Shills? IDK? Fake postings? Maybe regulars from FFTWR were blocked from this article by TPTB?

    So far, I only have “misdirection”, “propaganda” and “apples and dandelions” and a snarky sound bite about me stealing medications.

    1. OK, I will bite. 🙂 I am a serious student of alternative medicine (partway through my studies). My teachers, experienced herbalists, stress to us that allopathic medicine is great in an emergency — car accident, gunshot, etc. And they also say that is just about all it is good for. I am also being trained how to take care of serious burns and wounds, in case of emergency — yes, there are alternative ways of doing these. However, the majority of teachers do say that going the ER in a blood/guts type of emergency is the wise thing to do, in the healthcare system we currently have (which is far from ideal or making sense — we are regulated out of being allowed to have a healthcare system that truly delivers HEALTH). So, go to the emergency room, get patched up by the “mechanics” and THEN go home and heal yourself from any and all medications that were administered during your hospital stay — these will all need to be cleansed from your system. To be avoided in the first place? Absolutely! Try not to get in an accident or get shot or burned. But if you do, emergency medicine is pretty good. In some ways it is the least bad choice. But that is mostly due to our medical cartel disallowing certain kinds of treatments which “do no harm” and actually help.

      There are these gray areas where experienced and somewhat intrepid natural doctors (or injured individuals) may choose natural methods over going to the ER, but I look at those as gray areas. Do it if you “dare” and it may turn out well! Or it may not. That is just to say that there ARE many alternative methods to going to the ER. If you know what you are doing, and most people do not. But these exist. And injuries lie along a continuum…. many less severe injuries can be treated by other methods. The trick is in knowing what to do rapidly, and having the right tools on hand. That is why an ER is probably a better choice for most people. But more of us *could* learn these alternative methods. They may come in handy. 😉

      I agree wholeheartedly that costs are absolutely out of control, and that is a very useful point to make, Captain Obvious. The insurance system we have set up is absolutely nuts. What we really ought to have, in my opinion, is catastrophic insurance much more like we do for automobiles — THAT is affordable, and would not be used so very frequently. Perhaps never. We would have emergency rooms and hospitals, but not have so much need for all this other stuff that has to do with “management” of chronic illness caused by “environmental” factors. Then, if costs are kept reasonable for everyday doctor visits, people could just pay out of pocket OR they could engage the services of a doctor on a perhaps per-year subscription basis. That is, for people who feel they need doctors at all. For the rest of us, we could keep our money to spend on healthy food, healthy lifestyle, alternatives of our choice (herbs, supplements etc) and we would all be much better off.

      Except…. for the profits of the medical, GMO/junk food and insurance industry. Oh dear. I guess that’s why we do not have a system that makes sense.

      1. I was just reviewing the responses to my posts over the past year.
        Thanks so much for your considerate logical response.
        It’s so different than the other responses that I am stunned. I don’t believe I ever saw this when you sent it as my email never alerts me to responses. Probably due to my poor computer skills.
        A heartfelt, belated thanks to your considerate and logical response to my post.
        It’s really appreciated.

        1. No problem. 🙂

          I am just interested in truth — whatever the truthful answer is. Not in “winning” an argument. Used to be that way, maybe… but it is just far more interesting these days to get to the bottom of things.

          In the case of emergency medicine, interestingly since I posted my previous response, I have had TWO brushes with the ER, attending loved ones as they were triaged and treated. In one case, I felt it went fairly well (though I am aware of the alternative treatment, this relative of mine is not open to it, so she chose conventional — which involved organ removal! — and that is her choice). In the other case, it was a fishing expedition and I was interested to witness that process up close, but horrified and appalled at the results — my loved one was overmedicated, overtreated, and upon release from the hospital spent several weeks in horrible withdrawal from the medication he was put on, unnecessarily we now both believe. The worst of these medications were anticonvulsants and antipsychotics, given in too high doses and then the resulting effects were attributed to “dementia” and “psychosis” — let’s just say I have received an up close and personal lesson in “good” vs “bad” emergency medicine.

          And yes, the financial costs of these two events were astronomical. In one case, insurance paid. In the other case, it will be a charity write off.

          We will never have real healthcare reform as long as the psychopaths are in charge. And now they have us over a barrel financially (or most of us), due to the Obamacare requirement to have health insurance.

          It is for financial reasons that I decided to learn natural medicine. If I can do it, so can others, and I highly encourage that. The more of us who know how to treat ourselves and one another, the better.

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