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Lindsey Williams – Global Currency Reset (IMF)

Published on Dec 21, 2013 by SilverHurricane2970

Lindsey Williams delivers more earth shattering critical information on the plans of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, and the global Elite to COVERTLY institute a Basel III compliant IMF-backed Global Currency Reset within the next 90 days that would RESET every currency on earth and transform the global economic order to one led by a RESOURCE BASED ECONOMY, where the purchasing power of each currency after the reset- would be determined by the ASSETS of the country. Gold. Silver. Manufacturing. Natural Gas. Oil. Diamonds. Cocoa. Rice. Maize. Agriculture, etc, etc, etc. ASSETS.

Lindsey Williams mentions that 204 countries have agreed to plans to make sure there is only a 5% differential between every currency in the world and that due to the sheer amount of debt in the US and other Western nations, a great shift in purchasing power would take place, as countries like China and Russia (presumably because of their vast resources/assets) would ostensibly emerge the victors.

Lindsey Williams states that the Elite will then pose as the savior of the global economy- by ”providing the solution” they already had waiting in the wings; a new IMF approved world reserve currency backed by gold or some other precious resource. (Although he does not know what the currency will be.)

The Global Currency Reset would be offered as the alternative ”solution” to the decimation that would be caused by (Quantitative Easing) inflation from the worlds central banks. Williams states that the bank bail-ins Cyprus experienced were something that would happen in countries across the globe through new legislation, (such as the Dodd-Frank Reform and UK Banking Reform acts in late 2013 for example) which contain PROVISIONS TO RECAPITALIZE BANKS BASED ON THE DEPOSITS OF ”UNSECURED CREDITORS”. (i.e. YOUR MONEY) This is because In bankruptcy proceedings, big derivative bond holders and institutional clients obtain their capital FIRST as they have higher priority on the list, with depositors being left with the remainder of defunct bank funds- IF THERE ARE ANY LEFT. A hypothetical example would be you being awarded 50% bond equity in Lehman Brothers or Northern Rock!

The European Union is also attempting to institute a single depository fund which would act as an FDIC/FSCS deposit protection scheme preventing bank depositors in EU Member state banks from losing money in the event of a run on the banks. The Western Media have portrayed the steps to usher in a more integrated European ”banking union” amongst all 27 member states as ”positive”, when in reality these are merely steps towards Fascism, currency and capital controls, EU-wide bank bail-ins, and Totalitarianism. As they have legislated to legalize the confiscation of bank depositor funds across ALL EU Member state banks, just as they did in Cyprus.

Moreover, devaluation being the name of the game as opposed to outright theft of funds with the proposed IMF Global Currency Reset- Lindsey Williams states that people will not notice the difference INITIALLY, but when they do it would make front page news in every news media organization across the globe.

Note that Williams referred to the Canadian Government’s Economic Action Plan 2013 in a previous video, which includes provisions to institute bank ”bail-ins” to save insolvent banks via the use of bank capital (i.e. your deposits) which can clearly be evidenced in documentation on pages 144-145. (Google ”Economic Action Plan of 2013” of the Canadian Government- see for yourself. Also view the link here…) Williams’ sources also mention that any real economic collapse that happens will take place after the Affordable Healthcare Act has been fully implemented.

On banking collapse Lindsey Williams states the Elite described it this way-
”The banks close, and you will not be able to get your money out.”

To summarize, this video explains the plans of the New World Order to control every person in the world – through DEBT. Please also see John Todd’s explanation here:…

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2 Responses to Lindsey Williams – Global Currency Reset (IMF)

  1. US Marine Fighting Tyranny says:

    My Fellow Patriots:

    Lindsey Williams – I have never heard this guy say anything of real substance, nor has any of his “predictions” ever panned out.

    This guy is a fake, a fraud, and a shill.

    Leave him on Alex Jones show,.. where he belongs.

    JD – US Marines – We don’t need a prohet to tell us what is about to happen,.. we see all the warning signs ourselves,.. and we understand the nautre of the PIC’s (Pyschos-In-Charge).

    • NC says:

      You mean Lindsey “It takes me two hours to tell you this one big thing that is going to shock you and expose the elite’s plan” Williams?

      Wait! Wait! “Get your pens, pencils and paper ready folks because this will blow your minds. Are you ready for it?” …..OH! Commercial break!

      Oh yea, he’s as phoney as a $3.00 bill.

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