Live 50 Caliber Bullet in a Microwave

Published on Nov 18, 2013 by DemolitionRanch

Testing a live .50BMG cartridge in a microwave. Definitely don’t try this at home, lol. New microwave video every Monday! What do you want to see next?

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7 thoughts on “Live 50 Caliber Bullet in a Microwave

  1. Pretty much what I expected. Basically just blew up the casing.

    (I see you figured out how to send articles in, notoobitter) 🙂

    1. We should be learning how to make microwave cannons to take down drones and scramble enemy communications instead of doing childish things like this guy did. what a waste of time and resources.
      for a positive twist on this, go internet search what a microwave cannon is, how they can be used to scramble communications(wireless) and how they can be used to melt the electronics inside a drone which will take them down. a microwave cannon can even be used as anti-personnel weapons.

      1. Sending’s the easy part. Finding stuff worth posting is the trick. Some days it’s pretty slim pickins’.

        Glad to see you’re still around. Been seeing posters I thought might be permanent disappear lately.

  2. And this is what America is all about, people and why the elite are trying to regulate the shit out of us and prevent us from doing things like this. It’s called CREATIVITY and EXPERIMENTATION. It’s what being a human being is all about. When do you ever see this shit done in any other country? This is why America is so great because we like to THINK for ourselves and find out things for ourselves and NOT to have other government officials do the thinking and doing for us. It’s called being FREE and INDEPENDENT!!

    So for all you dependent, fear-loving zombies who enjoy being told what do and giving yourselves over to a bunch of psychos, then allow me to escort you to the Mexican border because you’re most definitely NOT an American and we don’t want nor need you. Have a nice day!

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