London’s false flag even more pathetic than the Boston Bombing


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The gruesome scene of a decapitated actor with no police or paramedics at the scene and no blood!!

Note the  offenders are shot by armed police who are in attendance in the background but the murder scene has not been secured!!


I am sure many of you have woken up to this amazing Shakespearean play that has unfolded in Woolwich, London where all the actors were so bad they would not even qualify for an interview as an extra in some third rate movie!!


First we had the overhead helicopter shots taken soon after the incident at the junction of the A205 and the B210 (so called crime scene). The first pictures emerged showing a police tent covering the body of the victim….but wait a minute this tent must have been blown away by the wind to another location…….were the actors involved in this flase flag caught with their trousers down?…….take a look at the original tent location below.

Scene 1

The tent can be seen at the crossroads (upper centre) next to the median strip and not at the scene of the alleged crime which is behind the block of flats!!

Scene 2

A close up of this bodged forensic scene


Suddenly the tent moves (just like Dr. Who’s Tardis) to its next prepared scene with its prepared actors in the street around the corner as shown below

Scene 3

The new forensic tent location – note the conveniently place truck blocking the intersection

Scene 4

Close up of the scene of crime once they managed to get things right LOL!!

Scene 5

Another shot of the tent as they repositioned it –  otherwise known as sprucing up the scene to make it look good!!

Scene 13

Now you can see the scene taken from the helicopter and compare to the first one above with the tent in the wrong location


Now let’s look again at those that carried out this alleged terrorist attack:

Scene 6

“Oh My God” we have both just cut off the head of the victim and look not a trace of blood on our clothing and no one at the scene were screaming or running away……………most unusual don’t you think?

Scene 7

Look at the look alike blood on my hands and not on my coat (after such a vicious attack)…..they flew over the false blood from the Boston Bombing…..looks very impressive don’t you think?

Scene 8

Hey look at the victim without his head and no blood and people simply watching….wouldn’t you be running?


Lets not look at what people were saying: and the comments by the PM, Police and Whitehall etc:

Victim was wearing a red “Help the Hero’s” T shirt

He was repeatedly stabbed and hacked and his body dragged into the middle of the road

Note….Can you see any red T shirt or blood on the road?

The police commander said he was unable to give any  information about the man that had died ….two men who we believe from earlier reports had been carrying weapons  were shot by police …they have both been sent to separate London hospitals where they are receiving treatment for their injuries…….I can understand that this will cause community concern…..and I would like to reiterate that we are investigating the circumstances of this incident.

Note Obviously he could not say anymore until he had been brainwashed.

Reports say that it was politically motivated

Note: You bet it was but what do they have up their sleeve?


TV interview with British PM – He confirmed that they are considering this as a terrorist incident -He rushed back to London to chair an emergency meeting on the incident

Note: Yes he and his cabal will be conjuring up some thing rather nasty that could well bring in even more “Police State Laws” or even blame it on some group in the Middle East!!


ITV News has broadcast footage of a man with bloodied hands talking to a camera, following a machete attack in south-east London.

He makes a series of political statements before walking towards a man, who is believed to be a soldier, lying on the street.

One man died and two were injured in the incident in a Woolwich street, which the government is reported to be treating as a terrorist incident.

Note I guess we were all waiting for that word “Terrorist” to spread fear into the hearts of all those who live in the UK!!


Once again the good old Zionist controlled BBC put their foot in it when they released there coverage of the incident showing again the original scene of the crime before the wind blew it around the corner!!!……… shown below:

Scene 9

Gotch you…….did they drag the body around the corner?

BBC stated  a man wearing a Help the Hero’s T Shirt was hit by a car, then attacked and killed with a machete or sword by the cars occupants……so much  vivid violence and yet still no blood at the scene……..why?…….because the actors had not had time to splash it around before the filmed the scene…….it was however added later as the picture below shows………the blood is only on the pavement and not on the road!!……….do you think they attempted to copy the Boston Bombing but somehow did not get it right?

scene 10

Blood around the signpost – Tomato Ketchup!!


Then we had the final nail in the coffin when they pointed a finger at Islamic Terrorists:


BBC said senior Whitehall sources say they are treating  the killing as a serious Islamist  terrorist attack ….  Cobra meetings say there is a strong connection with a terrorist connection.


scene 11

Then we had the good old BBC make another mistake when the tent was filmed with the truck being very close to the alleged victim…….the actual scene they first released shows the truck being much further away (as per below)…….tut tut Mr.BBC!!!

Scene 3

Finally we have to have an heroic story to add meaning to this terrible false event when a mother of two confronted the killers as shown in the picture and article below……..boy oh boy how much more of this bullshit do we have to take………….its time the New World Order were removed from the face of this planet and put away for life!!


‘Appalling attack’ in Britain likely terrorist-related: PM

This is the moment a British mother-of-two confronted a man who had allegedly just cut off a soldier’s head in broad daylight, telling him he would ‘lose’ his crusade.

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett jumped off a bus to check a soldier’s pulse, after he was brutally attacked and hacked to death by two men on a busy London street.

Ms Loyau-Kennett then stood up to the man, who was still armed with a large knife, and gave him a piece of her mind.

“Right now it is only you versus many people, you are going to lose, what would you like to do?”, she reportedly told him.

“We want to start a war in London tonight”, the man responded.

The man and his accomplice had allegedly just murdered a serving British soldier in broad daylight without provocation.

Eyewitnesses have said the men launched a ferocious attack on the soldier, hacking at him with machetes.

The men then gloated to onlookers, praising Allah and saying, ‘We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you’, while still carrying knives in their bloody hands.

British police shot and wounded the men following the attack which Prime Minister David Cameron called “truly shocking”.

In a dramatic move, the government’s emergency response committee was being summoned following the killing which some eyewitness reports suggested was an attempted beheading using machete-like knives.

Some early reports suggested the attack might be Islamist-related, although there was no official confirmation.

The incident took place mid-afternoon in a street around 200 metres from the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich, a district of southeast London.

Police were called at 2:20 pm (1320 GMT) to reports of one man being assaulted by two others.

“A number of weapons were reportedly being used in the attack, and this included reports of a firearm,” said police commander Simon Letchford.

Local police officers, then firearms officers arrived on the scene where they found a man who was later pronounced dead.

“Two men, who we believe from early reports to have been carrying weapons, were shot by police. They were taken to separate London hospitals, they are receiving treatment for their injuries,” Letchford said.

He said there would be a heightened police presence in the area and urged locals to remain calm.


You can watch this Micky Mouse saga pan out in the following video clips:

I would like to remind you all that this type of false flag activity appears rather miniscule to the much greater crimes that the New World Order have committed………..a good starter would have to be the introduction of HIV/AIDS into black communities in Africa and their current long term depopulation goals via the UN sponsored Agenda 21.


So there you have it folks…..if you have finished throwing up……….. yet another classic bodged false flag and maybe after my next article you will better understand how these puppets of the New World Order work!

Peter Eyre – Broadcaster – Investigative Journalist – Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – 23/5/2013

37 thoughts on “London’s false flag even more pathetic than the Boston Bombing

  1. As long as people are becoming aware that these are false flags, let not their choice of words i.e. terrorists, deter us from the fact that they are trying to scare us into submission for whatever they have up their sleeve. Sooner or later their true intent will come out which will lead to a mass uprising world wide. The NWO and Agenda 21 must go. And all the cronies who were part of this must hang for treason.

  2. This wouldn’t even make a good C rated movie-people would be throwing rotten eggs and tomatoes at the screen. They must’ve had some left over fake blood from Boston that they wanted to get used up before it coagulated!! Even good counterfeiters know they have to make fiat money look as real as possible. This is just completely unbelievable! This smells worse than the stuff I clean out of my barn everyday.

    1. Hahahahahaha,….

      Right you are Paula!!!

      Even the old Godzilla movies looked more real than this comedy show!


      1. LMFAO. Ingrid, what kinda pulse did you think you’d get from a headless soldier? BTW, if this guy was gonna start a war, why not slice up Ingrid? Hr didn’t look real tense to me. Note how casually he holds the knives after the “crime”

  3. Ahhhhhh!!!,…

    Another episode of Saturday Night’s Live – “Bad Theater”!

    I smell,…….fear!,….. on part of the NWO.

    JD – US Marines – Getting time to take out the NWO trash!

  4. Shouldn’t forget the unhappy shopper who walks right past him mid-rant. I don’t know about anyone else her, but I wouldn’t be pushing my shopping jeep at walking pace past a wild eyed Somali with blood soaked hands and a meat cleaver and an obvious temper problem. Of course if there was no blood to be seen until the unhappy photoshoppers moved in then maybe it would seem less scary?

  5. There is also an alleged video of the attacker w/out bloody hands. Please take a look at this
    In any case it is very strange for people who just committed a crime to hang around and video tape themselves, and the people around calmly watch them and not try to subdue them. Very strange and fishy. Also, no body is paying attention to the victim, and people are walking by him calmly. This just does not happen in real life. Maybe those who are doing the false flag want us the people to know it is false flags… and might want us to react some how. Both boston and london incidents are very strange and obvious false flag.

  6. “Hey look at the victim without his head and no blood and people simply watching….wouldn’t you be running?”

    Hell yes, unless I was packing, but since this is England, where you’re not allowed to carry a self-defense weapon, it would make sense to get the hell out of Dodge, is this was for real, which it wasn’t.

    Look out, America! With Memorial Day weekend coming up, the chance of a FALSE FLAG happening to take advantage of the memorials to our troops is immense, so be careful and make sure your cell phone battery is charged.

  7. I saw early video footage of the black guy talking to the camera. He did and does have blood splashes on his jacket. Going from top left of his body to right bottom.
    If you look closely, subsequent videos and photos…the top left area of his jacket is blurred out.

    So who did the blurring? Insiders or theorists? hmmmm…

  8. Wait! I just thought of something: if it was a soldier that was done in, shouldn’t the military be investigating….the military police in action?

    Nary a peep!

  9. This is the reason I haven’t posted anything regarding this news until now. I’ve been waiting for the REAL story to come out.

    Didn’t have to wait long, did I?

  10. Have they presented their motive in the British government yet?
    Since they have already stolen their guns, I cant imagine whats next.

    1. i believe it is because the ukip(britains “tea party” ) headed by nigel farage (their ron paul if you will ;)), was recently endorsed, by the edl, the english defence league,(britians kkk if you will) an endorsement, that i imagine the ukip could have done without, and who was out trying to riot last night? the EDL!!!! ding ding ding, so as nigel is gaining great momentum exposing the nwo and eurpope’s fraudulent governments, what better way to take them down a notch, and at the same time promote their bullchit “terror” agenda, then to have this attack, then show the radical EDL rioting that night, and make the connection from the edl, to the ukip, THEY’RE RADICALS I TELL YA!! not to mention it pushes the whole divide and conquer “race war” agenda to boot. thats my theory at the moment anyways ;), does anyone remember the good ole days, when a person got their head chopped off, for WHATEVER reason, it was called a MURDER, NOT A TERRORIST ATTACK, that was my first clue that this was bullchit, they were screaming “terror” attack, within seconds of it happening, come on man!!! really, surrrre yer right, a “TERROR” ATTACK LMAO!!!

      1. Simple answer from the film V FOR VENDETTA,

        PM Sutler: “I want this country to realize that we stand on the edge of oblivion. I want everyone to remember *why* they need us!”

        When the fact of the matter is that we really DON’T NEED OR WANT THEM.

  11. So, lets assume the two, currently living, assailants were some kind of crisis actors. There is no death penalty in the UK, so they’ll most probably stand trial and be incarcerated, or miraculously both be killed. The question arises, what did they, as actors, both think was going to happen when they got caught?

    “Ok, give us our checks and we’ll head off, thanks!”

    Killing them both would make a dodgy production even dodgier.

  12. Thank you all for these explanations. So i am living in France, and i am so sorry not to all understand what it is saying here. I need a translation. But i would like that some one explain to me, the accidented car ?
    Whose car is it ? Where is it come from ??
    Thank you.
    Jean Marie

    1. Jean Marie, I think you understand it as well as us. I cannot translate for you but in answer to your questions about the car, so far nobody knows or has any explanation. I hope that helps.

  13. oh i feel so dumb swallowed the story and kept feeling like something was wrong , no blood, of course , so simple no blood anywhere.and the men hanging around waiting for so long. it was all so plastic and unreal.cant believe i missed the biggest sign, the blood. i will never let this happen again, and its obviously going to happen a lot more all over the world.

  14. I must admit I was very surprised at how quickly the EDL capitalised and mobilised in numbers to the area.

    I wonder too if the people around thought an episode of the “Bill” was being filmed as it was shot in and around Woolwich when it was still running on the TV and the locals were used to film shoots.

    There are some valid questions in this article and I spotted them moving the tent and wondered why they were and did actually note the blood stopping some feet away from the end position of the body as well as lack of blood on the arms or chest area of the suspects. I am also noting the press got the barracks name continually wrong, the primary barracks is that of the Artillery but it was continually referred to as that of the Fusiliers. It is interesting to note as well that the Artillery since the pub opposite its gate was blown up by the IRA maintained a constantly and heavily manned checkpoint and why the military police did not respond too.

  15. I’ve seen some pretty bad acting over the years, but this just takes the cake. These morons would make actors in B movies look like Oscar winners.

  16. Ok OK NOW.. Let’s get ready to Bust the Next Fakearoo. Our Ops will require a fairly skilled Quick Response Actors Team (Q-RAT) of about 12 people. Made up of Film Crew (Got to get a record of the procedings) an ID Crew with biometric equipment, Med Team (Out of work Dr. and Nurse) and the Takedown Team.

    Q-RAT secures the scene and Citizen Arrests the perps including any Phoney police on site. Med team checks to Revive the Dead People (Wow did I do something wrong I’m supposted to play dead). ID the Actors and secure all with Rope. As soon as the Perp understands that the Rope with noose is for a Lynching the gig will be up when he starts shouting – “Hey that’s not in the script” “Well what exactly is the script” says the Q-RAT team leader and from then on its up to him – Up the Tree or Going down on his Employers.

    “Oooouh look at him kicking away, grab his knees there and lash the rope around him, Ok what was that you said about being an NSA agent, can you tell us your department and supervisor” ‘ I took and Oath they will kill me they said”. “I heard enough don’t you other team members agree (Various Q-RAT members nod their heads) Ok Guilty as Charged – Hoist him up there on that signboard and leave him for his people to clean up.

    What other way is going to stop this Bad TV (Now Weekly) Series than to trap one of these groups.

    We are Legion

  17. I just heard on RT that the “terrorists” supposedly hit the “solider” with the car first. Then got out and started hacking him up.

    I raise my own meat birds. When time to butcher, we cut the throat so they bleed out. I promise you the blood will splatter. No two ways about it!

  18. I’m finding the dissonance upsetting. What I mean is, the in-your-face smooth lying, discrediting of truth-tellers, the media collusion and coverup. It is truly a naked emperor. Placing that against the alternative media exposing the truth. Not just about this incident, but all of them. I’m aware that my inner response to the disquieting dissonance is confusion and a tendency to dissociate (go blank because things are not “computing.”)

    I have come to believe that this dissonance by tptb is created on purpose, to have a numbing effect on the population.

    I can overcome this effect through logical, critical analysis of the events (which takes deliberate effort, energy, and focus), but the automatic numbing is an emotional effect that seems to happen subconsciously — a mind-control type of thing. Anyone else experience this?

    Also, it just is frankly upsetting to be treated in this way. I do resent the sapping of my creativity by the energy it takes to remain focused and aware. Not saying it isn’t a good thing to be focused and aware, but this “ever vigilant” thing takes time away from other pursuits (like pursuit of happiness). I will do whatever it takes to win this fight, and I will never give up, no matter how tired I get of all of these games.

    1. Some very good points E.E.

      I’ve been thinking similar things myself – that the sloppiness of these staged events is deliberately included as part of the overall psy-op. After all, it’s not too difficult to make a “terrorist attack” look real with careful planning. The IRA were pretty good at it not so long ago….

      Maybe the most subversive thing anyone can do right now is to simply switch it all off.

      Kill the tv completely and all mainstream media. Then only use the internet selectively, and focus more on uplifting positive topics like health news and spirituality….

      This is a monster, a dying monster, to be sure, and it wants to suck everyone in, drag everyone down, by grabbing everyone’s attention, including those who have awakened.

      Withdraw attention as much as possible. Skim the negative news if you have to look at it at all. The news is perpetually negative for a reason. It is similar to negative psychic attack from demonic forces….it’s meant to keep you down, fearful, anxious…

      Don’t let it touch you, as far as possible. Keep yourself immune and clean. And above all else – rekindle your creativity and remember you’re here to have a good time, to enjoy life, first and foremost.

      To be joyous or even merely happy is perhaps the most subversive thing you can be at this juncture – in defiance of all the fear-mongering, the evil, the sickness and toxicity – SMILE!

      1. Enough already..
        Let’s find a Bigger Better way to Expose these Acting Clowns.
        For the next event – perhaps Memorial Day – we need a Contest – Yes A Bettering Way.

        Pick the next event and match the city or place of the pending event and share in the winning pool. Just like a State Lottery.

        This idea posted on web sites and of course FACEITBOOK will surely get attention. Example the woman that got 1 Million hits in order to pay her College debt.
        It may event get the Washington or other Capitols’ Attention as being taken down from websites due to National Security.
        Three can keep a secret if two are dead. If you were scheduling an event and it became public you would be a Fool to go ahead – Let’s see if they are more foolish than they already seem!!

        We are Legion..

  19. That’s odd. In the shot taken from above, you can see a large blood stain one paving slab in front of the road sign post. But in the photo with the woman talking to the man, you can see the car, the same road sign post, but the blood stain isn’t there.

  20. So let’s look at this from the following perspective: Alleged attackers, allegedly hack an alleged soldier to death on his home soil. Hmm…meanwhile, CaMoron is using Our Taxes to send illegal arms to Terrorists that have invaded Syria and are killing innocent Syrians and soldiers on Syrian soil. A Terrorist hacks a Syrian soldier to death and cuts out his heart and eats part of it. The only crime that the soldier has committed is to be protecting his own country from Terrorists…..can you see the irony?

    So far, riots and rebellion are spreading worldwide….is this to herald in the Global Government. This parasitic lot in British Govt. have so far failed to incite the masses to riot en masse. The only way to get rid of the pro Zionist thieving scumbags is to vote independently for anyone that does not represent any of the mainstream parties. If you do not do this, do not bellyache at what they do!

  21. “Sheriff Dillion the Townspeople are gathered outside with a Lynching rope and demanding we turn those Two Beheading fellows over to them for Proper Justice to be Served”. “Chester better get a few deputies and calm those people down, they cannot take the role of Judge and Executer”. “But Sheriff the Deputies are with that Mass out there and we can’t possible hold them off until those Fed fellows arrive”. “Ok Chester, we just quietly slip out the back door this time and go for lunch like we did with that last bad group, remember not to look up where the Drone is”.

    Justice – One Way Or The Other

    We are Legion.

  22. Some of the images appear to come from two different locations. At first these shots look as though they were just taken from different angles as one would expect, but on closer inspection there are stark differences.

    On the BBC News one shot looking towards the junction shows a three-story building that looks like an old pub, right on the corner, but in an aerial view of the whole junction nothing like that building is there. The trees are in different positions and paving and road markings are not the same.

    The natural conclusion is they couldn’t arrange the whole set-up in the chosen location because of what witnesses at that time might see and recall, so part of it was recorded at a similar-looking junction, then edited in to look like it all happened at the chosen location near the army barracks.

  23. I haven’t seen much video of this, and I would assume there would be continuous recording at least from the point in which the black man with the knives is speaking to the camera person.
    The blood on the hands was added, and I saw no blood at all on the white man with a save the heroes t-shirt.
    The black man was holding the knives not in a threatening manner, more like he had confiscated them.

    So with the obviously colorized video and the lack of any other videos being presented, its clear this is spin by the politicians and their media yap dogs.
    I think the white man was some nut job who tried to run over those two blacks. Angered when he failed and they were not dead, he went after them with some knives there by pissing off the blacks even further and an altercation occurred.
    Looks cold at the time and everyone was wearing jackets, so why was white mans Save the heroes t-shirt visible??
    Also do anchors usually report the slogan on a dead mans t-shirt?
    I mean whens the last time you heard on the nightly news….

    “The man killed in a gun fight last night with unknown assailants was wearing a shirt with “got milk” on it. His hat had an ac/dc symbol.”

  24. Is that a Shakespearean tent on the road? I really have no idea what is going on here. Am I missing something? All I see is what looks like a moving tent on the road (like Elmer Fudd hiding in a bush and inching closer and closer to Bugs Bunny from behind while trying not to notice that the bush had moved so close) and what looks like someone’s dirty laundry and red paint on someone’s hands followed by Cameron saying this strange scene is a terrorist attack. I’m truly confused. Zero barriers, zero blood, zero anything. Looks like a normal day in the world, if you ask me. Just a guy talking to someone with a Fisher Price knife. No chaos, no movement, no nothing. So what’s to be nervous about? I’d be more nervous if it rained in my backyard. I don’t know. I just don’t get it.

  25. Damn! these responses were fine reading. These two black guys were true errorists, yes you read right. They’re not terrorists just plain stupid errorists. How can you make so many errors. I’m really disappointed that the gov’ and media didn’t feel the need to plan this good and proper. That means that they assume the general public are in their hands now and will believe anything. Sorry gov’ n media but you should have stuck to plain old stereotypes I.e., Arab looking guys with beards and bad English.

    I am proud to call myself an errorist tracker. Long live the errorist tracker.

  26. Might the tent issue be as simple as they built the tent around the corner and then carried it to the body? You are not going to construct or build the tent in close situ to the corpse for fear of contaminating a crime scene.

    The way the blood stops just short of the road, and lack of blood on the road and the “terrorists” jackets does seem peculiar though, and lend creedence to a staged attack like the Boston Bombing.

    1. I suppose you are right with the tent. Its just that its sad how we are so engrossed in the news that we are led to believe even the most obvious of issues. If its not the blacks, then its the foreigners. If its not terrorism then its Islam. If its not unemployment then its the benefits system. There are so many things here that do not affect the elite or rich but the ordinary Joe but are all blamed on the foreigners.

    2. no. sorry. there is not a simple or logical/benign reason for building a tent far around the corner and carrying it to the body.

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