19 thoughts on “Look at her ring, what’s it tell you?

      1. According to the medical establishment, I’m doing fine. I’m just going a little stir crazy with all the recuperation time. Thank you for asking.

  1. Yet this Polutician has NO monay for her own defense in a fraud case and now has a taxpayer appointed Loser to represent her. Maybe she will share a bunk with Corrine.

  2. This woman is up there with Pelosi and McCain as the dumbest politicians in the country.

    The elites sure know how to pick them.

  3. Could someone get a cleaner image so we can actually see it? Should be other pictures of her wearing the thing, this is so scuzzy I will not believe whatever anyone says it is one way or another without a clearer imagine.

    Now if someone had a good quality of her with a pedo ring: Add another name and face to the list.

      1. Thank you Henry
        I tried for a better image but failed

        I knew what I saw when I seen it

        She’s a sick pig that needs to be put down

        “They will be known by their symbolism”
        And should be afraid to walk amongst us

        And Vekar
        I have no reason to play games when it comes to this type of shit
        Father of two great kids , and willing to protect them all … even yours

    1. Thanks Tess
      I was trying to find a better image
      I was able to see it while she was talking
      The screen grab sucked
      I knew what I saw and try very hard not to post bullshit
      This bitch needs to be put under the prison

    2. Thanks Tess.it is people Like you that help us produce mounds of evidence of the crimes of these assholes……

    3. Don’t forget the masons.

      Thanks tess (your link is dead [for me]), that would have taken a ton of effort to find on the chan. unless it was elevated to a ‘notable.

  4. It tells me she has poor taste in jewelery, and was dumb enough to buy earrings that are twice as ugly as the ring.

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