Loudoun County parents required to sign type of NDA to view CRT-affiliated curriculum

Washington Examiner – by Jeremiah Poff

Parents of Loudoun County public school students have been asked to sign a type of nondisclosure agreement to view a curriculum connected to a group known to push critical race theory.

The NDA is required to be signed by parents who want to review the “Second Step” curriculum. Parents are required to acknowledge that the presentation of the material is “not a public event” and that “copying, broadcast or recording of any kind is prohibited.” 

The “Second Step” curriculum is part of a series of lessons on “Social Emotional Learning” from the Committee for Children, a nonprofit group that advertises free anti-racism and anti-bias resources.

The organization promotes “social emotional learning” as the development of interpersonal skills and self-control, but the Second Step website includes material on anti-racism and anti-bias while saying it is “committed to addressing racial injustice and helping you drive real change in your school communities.” The website says the purpose of the resources is to “implement social-emotional learning in a way that builds on students’ cultural assets, critically examines systems of power, and develops better ways of teaching, learning, and being.” The phrase “anti-racism” has been tied to the propagation of critical race theory, ever since it was popularized by Ibram X. Kendi, a professor at Boston University who wrote a book titled How to Be an Antiracist.

The NDA document is billed as the “terms and conditions” agreement, citing copyright as the reason for requiring the document. But a Loudoun County parent told the Daily Caller that a number of other organizations, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, provide copyrighted material to Loudoun County Public Schools without requiring parents to sign a document to review them.

A tiny snapshot of the curriculum is available on the LCPS website but is limited to only a few slides. The Daily Caller also reported that the agreement between the school district and Second Step exempts the curriculum from Virginia Freedom of Information Act requests.

LCPS and the Committee for Children did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


3 thoughts on “Loudoun County parents required to sign type of NDA to view CRT-affiliated curriculum

  1. Wait…wait….Stop me if I’ve heard this right. Parents need to sign an NDA to view a school’s curriculum?


    So we now have to sign forms to keep curriculum content a secret? Are you F**king kidding me? Is Pfizer running the curriculum?

    Seriously, are people in this country so friggin’ dumb that they have to copy everything that some big company or government is doing just to make themselves feel important or special? Do they not have a brain in their head to want to do something original or unique or think for themselves or be proud and feel honored for what they do or have created? Instead they feel the need to hide in the shadows because in this case, they know what they are doing is wrong. I seriously don’t understand how the people of this country have become such a group of docile cowards with no backbone.

  2. Sign here, please. And in doing so, you are helping us destroy heritage, tradition, culture, decency, history, and freedom itself. And thank you, for in signing, you are adding to The Great Divide, assuring that the people will fight each other for years to come.

    What’s that you say? You don’t want to sign? You don’t want your freedom of speech infringed upon? Why are you making a fist? No, wait, Don’t, STOP, STO………!!

    Smart parents ain’t gonna take it.


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