3 thoughts on “Maddow Explains How The FBI Can Assassinate Anyone They Want

  1. Yup, they continue “sift clues” as to what happened. Well duh, we all know what happened. The guy was murdered. Case Closed.

  2. We’re supposed to feel more secure knowing that the secret police can kill anybody they please? Isn’t that the same logic all dictators use? What is the point of ever going to war anywhere to “defend our freedoms”?

    There is an ancient human practice called “human sacrifice”. It was done under religious auspices, but in reality leaders did it because it gave them a woody to kill people and it was a nifty way to get rid of political opponents or other inconvenient people. Today we may do it under color of law, but it still gives our psychopathic leadership a woody to kill people, and it’s still a nifty way to get rid of inconvenient people. Todashaev knew something inconvenient so he was sacrificed.

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