MAIG says gun owners ‘know their place’

Guns Save Life

I can’t wait for these folks come to Illinois.

The Mayors Against Illegal Guns people suggest that gun owners “know their place”.

Do you know your place?

Would it be on your knees, looking up, saying, “Yassir, Massah!  We knows our place, Massah!” to the MAIG speakers?  

It won’t be for Guns Save Life members, I guarantee you that.

Isn’t it ironic that MAIG relies on good guys with guns to protect them from good guys who like guns?

Courtesy Georgia Packing.

Sat, 22 Jun 2013 19:16:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: “Lissie Stahlman” <>
Subject: We look forward to seeing you on Monday at the Capitol
Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2013 22:16:12 -0400

Dear No More Names attendees,

Thank you for your commitment to sensible gun legislation by coming to the,Capitol on Monday and join the voices of reason who support commonsense gun,legislation.

If possible, please arrive by 11:30 for the noon press conference including victim survivors and other inspirational speakers who will address the need for better federal and state legislation

Please dress cool and bring a bottle of water.

Important info not meant to frighten you.

We have monitored the gun groups’ blogs and are certain there will be some protesters present. The Sheriff’s Dept and Capitol Police will be keeping us safe, and at other stops where, the “wing nuts” were present, they were fairly passive and knew their place.

Please do not engage them. The best course is to ignore them, and if they become disruptive to a speaker, the particular speaker will handle the issue. Don’t try to hush them up. We want the media to cover our strong message, not a confrontation with the other side.

MARTA is your best bet if available. Going on the north/south line, exit the Georgia State University Station. Exit the station, turn left and walk up to ML King drive where you will see the Capitol diagonally to the right. Cross MLK, turn right and walk alongside the Capitol. Then turn left on Washington Street where you will see us assembled.

If driving, there is a $5/all day parking lot on the corner of ML King and Washington St., diagonally across from our assembly area.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday and making a big statement for NO MORE NAMES.

Lissie Stahlman
Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Message just emailed to Lissie:


Please be sure to let us know when you will be bringing your bus to Illinois, and the locations you will be setting up at because we would love to give you a proper welcome upon your arrival.

Unlike those in the Northeastern US, we here in Illinois aren’t all that passive and don’t know our place.  We eagerly await your visit.

All the best!


4 thoughts on “MAIG says gun owners ‘know their place’

  1. Play their game against them. infiltrate and distort their message. Carry signs stating “Communism not Capitalism”, “End the Bill of Rights”, etc.

  2. When they came to Arkansas nobody knew it until it was on the 6 PM news. Too bad, there would have been a welcoming committee for them. But from the news coverage it was pretty much a non-event. Didn’t cause much of a stir and got about 30 seconds news coverage on local stations.

    1. They are doing that on purpose.
      I’ve been relentlessly searching for dates/locations, to give a “Heads Up”. Since a post I saw, on a pro-gun forum, about Nashville, Little Rock, & New Orleans, there has been Nothing, even remotely, pro-2A. It’s been next to impossible finding anything that even mentions gun rights advocats showing up at Little Rock or New Orleans. Everything is spun pro-MAIG and all the info. on gun blogs has been blocked as to new locations/dates.

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