11 thoughts on “Man Aggressively Harasses Woman For Not Wearing Mask At Hobby Lobby

  1. Dude, take a lesson from the woman because she KNOWS she doesn’t have to wear a mask like everyone else. Ever heard of the little word NO?!

  2. All I know is it would have really sucked for this faggot if that were my wife and I just happen to come around the isle at the time he advanced on her as she was telling him to back off

    He would have been able to retrieve his teeth in about 2-3 days after he shit them out

    This weirdo better watch his actions
    These women might just have a give no fuks asshole for a husband like me
    Think twice before attacking someone’s family , the life you save could be your own

    Notice this coward went after a female

    Because any self respecting male would have ended this shit , and this fag would have had to pick up the pieces of his failed life

    I’d even come to the aid of someone getting harassed like this , even if I didn’t know her

  3. What a squishy-cheeked lispy faggot pretending he has some kind of authority. Knocking his teeth out would be doing his boyfriend a favor, EOS!

    1. LOL!
      Good one!
      Probably wouldn’t have known his chiclets fell out the other end.
      Was hoping the guy they walked past would have at least said something like “HEY!!! LEAVE HER THE ______ ALONE!!!
      I’d have loved to! 🙂
      Funny folk like that don’t expect orders barked as such, and I do enjoy their body language as a result. {snicker snicker}

  4. Oh man I wish that would happen to me, I’d go all west side on him (people from chitcago know what I am talking about) LOL

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