Man Makes Bold Stand Against TSA — By Going to the Airport Totally Nude

The Free Thought Project – by Claire Bernish

Nashville, TN — Creative protest has its value: a man showed up at the Nashville International Airport buck naked on Sunday, in an apparent protest of the TSA.

Stark naked 53-year-old Eric Cherry was photographed by traveler Tod Brilliant from California in the American Airlines queue. Brilliant assumed Cherry, who was later identified, chose to forego clothing as an act of protest against strict security practices.  

“I walked up to him and said ‘You’re amazing.’ He replied ‘Thanks.’ Then they came for him,” said Brilliant in a Facebook post about the incident.

Brilliant managed to snap photos of the naked man before police came and quickly escorted him away from baffled onlookers.

“I was pretty impressed with Nashville,” Brilliant told local station WSMV. “Aside from a few people whose jaws were dropped, everyone else was doing their thing, going on, business as usual. It was a great start to Nashville; it’s a great city.”

Airport spokeswoman Shannon Sumrall told the Tennessean that Cherry was taken into custody and booked for public indecency by the Metro Nashville Police Department.

Airport officials reported having previously seen Cherry sans clothes wandering outside the airport, but never inside the terminal, according to WSMV. In 2009, Cherry was arrested in the airport’s economy parking lot — naked, of course.

The Transportation Security Administration has been widely criticized for tough security — in particular, its scanners which essentially strip people of their clothing for agents — with few results. As The Free Thought Project previously reported, the division of the Dept. of Homeland Security had a 95 percent failure rate in airport screenings — which only stokes people’s ire. And apparently may cause them to take drastic measures to show their anger — like showing up naked for a flight.


3 thoughts on “Man Makes Bold Stand Against TSA — By Going to the Airport Totally Nude

  1. “Aside from a few people whose jaws were dropped”, the entire airport said, “F” it, and everyone immediately strip down and freed themselves from oppressive clothing. Hey, if I had no choice other than “gaywear”, I’ll brave it myself!

  2. What goes around, comes around.
    All those TSA agents will get their cancers.
    We will be laughing then.

    Those perverted agents enjoy seeing peeps naked, this guy just made it easier for them, no nuking required.

    Would be nice if EVERYONE STOPPED FLYING for at least a week.
    The airlines would notice that, I assure you.

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