Man Tasered by police engulfed in fireball

Express – by Dan Townend

AN INVESTIGATION has been launched after a man holding a can of inflammable liquid was engulfed by flames after apparently being Tasered by a policeman.Andrew Pimlott, 32, has life-threatening injuries and is in the burns unit at Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, England.  

Two officers went to investigate after an emergency call on Thursday about a man holding a can of inflammable liquid in Plymouth. The Independent Police Complaints Commission said yesterday: “An officer deployed a Taser.”

Onlooker Jack Fry, 20, said: “There were screams. We saw a man fully on fire from top to bottom with his arms waving around.”The officers dragged the man to the ground to beat out the flames then turned a hosepipe on him, he said.“There was steam coming off him and he was groaning. The sight was sickening.”

2 thoughts on “Man Tasered by police engulfed in fireball

  1. Again, two against one. So why the need for a taser? BAN TASERS!!!!!!!!!!! Someone ought to make a petition to have the government ban tasers. They are one of the reasons why there are so many problems.

    Unfortunately, if you ban tasers, the police will more easily resort to their guns and kill you anyways. I guess it’s a no win situation in that case. These bastards need someone to stick a taser up their ass and pull the trigger. I’m sure by then, you’ll see a “shocking” turn of events. I’m so sick of their abusive shit.

  2. I saw this happen once before.

    On an episode of CSI, years ago. (when I still watched the boob tube).

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