Man With Rifle, Ammunition Detained in NC Mall

Published on Jul 3, 2015 by Associated Press

Authorities in North Carolina say they have detained a man walking through a mall with an assault rifle, a bulletproof vest, and multiple rounds of ammunition. The man was taken into custody in Fayetteville Thursday evening. (July 3)

4 thoughts on “Man With Rifle, Ammunition Detained in NC Mall

    1. Very true, mark if this was real, this guy would be dead. I’m LOL at Alice Jones today he’s so scare!

  1. Police arrest soldier after he ‘carried assault rifle, ammunition and bulletproof vest through shopping mall to have his photo taken’ in North Carolina – H/T:

    Police have arrested US Army soldier they found carrying an assault rifle
    Bryab Scott Wolfinger, 25, was allegedly also carrying ammunition
    Police say he was caught wandering through a shopping mall last night
    Authorities say he was no threat and had arrived to have his photo taken

    What a f#@king disgrace that I found the facts (truth) of this fake
    incident of manufactured crisis from a
    legitimate news source (not the AP) outside of America
    Are there more than a handful of actual citizens left in
    our Republic?
    Without question,the majority of Americans are nothing but cowardly and
    frightened piles of shit.
    I am not rebuking this website or it’s writers and contributors.
    My comments are directed at the craven slaves who believe
    themselves to be our fellow countrymen.
    Booooooo,Booooooo…….you cowardly sheep,slaves and retarded asshats.
    If I don’t come out from under your bed’s this
    weekend, it will be credited as a victorious defense resulting from
    the Constitutional ass wiping of our ruling Police State.
    Happy 4th of July/Independence Day America.
    May your chains of cowardice and fear of shadows
    weigh heavily on you salad tossing slaves.

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