Manufactured Drought

IMAG0873I am writing from a War Zone in southern Oregon which very few of you will ever experience. In my 18 + seasons working on a daily basis in the woods, I am here sadly recording the end of our great northern temperate forests.

Not only does this photo show the increasing death of trees under the Bush/Obama manufactured drought, it also shows a sky covered with the reason our forests are dying.

We should be having thunderstorms and we have not had appreciable regional precipitation since the end of May.

They spray over every developing cumulus cloud until they kill it or they set a wall of aerosoling stability off the coasts of Oregon and California, diverting Pacific storms from reaching our dying land.    

The land is crackle loud when I walk over it, the dried ground sticks and twigs snap like old dessicated bones. You cannot sit on the needle layer to eat lunch because it is so dry the pondo needles pierce your jeans.

Wildflowers are all crazy blooming at the same time in what should be a gradual celebration throughout the summer. The roads are choking dry that 15 mph is too fast to keep the dust down.

The soil crusts are breaking and sliding down even gradual slopes, the birds pant with their beaks open in open forested stands, and dozens of animals die on the highway looking for water.

Large islands are rapidly growing in our historically great rivers like the Sprague, and creeks and rivers are choked with algae because the water is flowing too slow or warming and stagnating too much to stop the algal contamination. Many perennial creeks have gone dry this summer.  Reports of wells dropping 70 feet or more are becoming common.

When we have a catastrophic wild fire (and we will) our men and women on the line will not be able to stop it. Our remaining old growth will explode in a fire storm that will reach holocaust levels due to the addition of particulate aluminum (which will act as a fire accelerant) from 5+ years of active aerosoling. And from this perspective every fire line casualty must be attributed to the program of intentional geo-engineering and the manufactured drought.


THIS is the Obama legacy – not gay marriage, not Cuba; it is this aerial war being waged on life itself, which the vast majority of urbanized humans will never notice until it is over and our green magnificent forests and our fellow creatures which give a sacredness to our lives are largely gone.

16 thoughts on “Manufactured Drought

  1. It’s not only the drought that is killing the forests.

    The aluminum in the chemtrails is a good part of the problem as well.

  2. Such a sad thing to have to deal with. I see this obamanation all over the southwest. It,s such a shame as the great northwest is on it,s death bed.

  3. The entire west from Southern California all the way up into British Columbia, Canada is poised to burn to the ground. My Gal lives in the lower mainland / BC, and yesterday on the tv news they announced water reductions by 25%. This has NEVER happened there in the 60+ years she’s lived there.

    The luciferians aren’t just killing us humans, they’re killing the entire planet . . .

  4. Right! Our world is dying because of the elitist agenda. Just yesterday, we had a large fish “die off” in Marion, NC….above Lake James. Who knows what caused it.

  5. And it’s not just the forests along the West Coast.
    I’ve now been here in Utah for 20 years and the Uintah’s the forest’s are also dying. Yet they still try to say it’s the beetles. Much like in Oregon and Washington.
    I had never seen any beetles when I lived in Oregon riding dirt bikes at least 3 days a week in the coastal and Central Oregon Mountains. And still ride here in Utah and I still have not seen any beetles on the ground, in the downed trees, or any firewood.
    But I do see Chem Trails in the sky DAILY.
    Thanks Evergreen Aviation……………
    The pilots and those that maintain, load, and that are in the know need to tell the truth about what they have done, and are still doing.
    We are awake Corporations of the world

    1. That right JR, I keep saying this poison, its coming from somewhere, its being trucked in, fine the trucks and take action, its time!!!

  6. The only way to stop it would be to literally attack the planes, facilities and personnel participating in the geo-engineering programs. I doubt anyone is willing to do that. Perhaps because the vast number of Americans would not understand, and the would be heroes realize they would be seen as tin-cap wearing domestic terrorists before they were killed by US serviceman guarding the bases. But that’s the required sacrifice to save the forest.

  7. I live west of Portland 26 miles. I have lived here for 17 years and have visited many summers in the past. I have NEVER seen anything like what is happening in the northern Willamette Valley. So dry, trees dying, grasses so dry a spark would set off a conflagration. Very scary. Very hot. We have not had a water rationing alert announced yet but this is only the first of July. I am very nervous about August which is normally our hot and dry month. God help us if a fire breaks out; and with Independence Day celebrations around the corner, I’m sure the firefighters are also extremely nervous.

  8. I wanted to leave Dallas and move to Oregon and build a cob cottage. When I learned what the “geo-engineering” rats were doing to the pacific northwest I decided not to ever move there. Now, where I moved to, they spray but not on as big a scale. Rain is a blessing we get a lot of but I always feel sad about the beautiful western states they are hell bent on destroying. They are destroying the woods here with sub-divisions that I suspect are government funded. Too many too fast for a free market. They won’t stop until the world is cement from top to bottom.

  9. In Northern lower peninsula of Michigan here. Here we’re getting artificially cooled off. I’ve felt like the weather has been “off” or weird for years here but didn’t know anything about geoengineering until a few weeks ago. Now I make sure I tell anyone who seems like they’ll listen about it. I kinda feel like this is part of the huge divide and conquer strategy. Causing people to argue about if global warming is “real” or not to distract from what’s really happening. Cool off the Eastern US and incinerate the West and watch them fight about it… Meanwhile the global ecological catastrophe reaches literally apocalyptic levels. What I know for sure is that it’s July and it doesn’t feel like summer here. Our trees haven’t exactly had the massive die off like the pacific NW but the disappearance of all the pollinators, like bees and butterflies is extremely worrying. I don’t remember the last time I saw a butterfly in nature. I rarely hear birds singing anymore. What is going on here?….. I just never thought that in my lifetime I would witness our own self-extinction. I feel like that is what is coming. A sort of global reset caused by Man trying to conquer and dominate Mother Nature. Well congratulations, we successfully defeated Nature while short-sightedly forgetting that our future and survival depend on said Nature. The hubris and arrogance of some men is mind-boggling. I don’t know what else to say. I’m just so sick of seeing the human race commit a slow masochistic murder/suicide that’s going to not only kill all of us but render our whole planet sterile and lifeless. On that note… cheers, happy fourth of july, enjoy time with family and friends, happy memories will help us get through the troubling times ahead.

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