Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden: Why? and Why Now?

American Everyman – by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Booz Allen releases his records, he made $122,000 a year, not $200,000. Girl friend is a flake performance artist “pole dancing super hero” with a “fringe theater” company. She did one dance in March to the 007 theme song “Diamonds are Forever”. Cute huh? Experts pointing out one person can’t “shut down the NSA tomorrow”.  he’s now in hiding with Robert Baer saying he’s probably a Chinese double agent. Great right? Go ahead… Stand with Edward Snowden. Have fun. Good luck with the new job search Glenn.  


No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks. UN Declaration on Human Rights

As I have been writing on the subject of Edward Snowden’s “ground-breaking leak” since June the 7th, many people have written me or left comments, mostly in support of the notion that something is going on here, if not exactly what I think, it’s something that doesn’t pass the smell test. If you look around the internet at alternative sites as well as the MSM though, you will mainly find journalists and investigators parroting the consensus line that Edward is the most heroic human in the history of mankind or at least ranking up there between Jesus and Luke Skywalker. Cracks are starting to develop in his story in the main stream press, cracks sites like this one and others have been exposing from the beginning.

But while the self-proclaimed leaders of various alternative movements and networks alike are calling for Snowden’s sainthood while ignoring multiple falshoods and exaggerations in his story, it seems to me the general public is less enthused with the validity of the story. More and more comments litter the consensus spewing write-ups questioning the facts of the story and whether or not this information he leaked is actually something new, which of course it isn’t.

As I progress in my own understanding of the situation, I find I am being asked quite often if this is some kind of measured leak crafted by the very agencies and administrations who seem on the hook for the decimation of our civil liberties, why on earth would they do that?

Here is my attempt to explain what it  is we are seeing and why they chose now to do it. (long post, sorry)

Some posit that it’s infighting in the intelligence universe, like Tarpley’s Mormon Mafia in the CIA striking out against other elements. Some suggest it may be a threat to get Obama to act more aggressively on Syria and Turkey.

Some say it’s all a distraction designed to take attention away from the IRS scandal and the AP wiretapping scandal or the drone policy of Obama. Some say it’s been done to take attention away from what is happening in Syria and Turkey in the wake of Sarin gas being found on a couple of our mercenary terrorists over there. Having the Peace Prize “winning” President arming terrorists with a chemical weapon of mass destruction can’t be good for his falling approval numbers.

You can probably make an argument for most of these though I strongly disagree that any of the powers that be want Obama out of office and Syria is being backed to the launching of the nukes by Russia so no one wants that or blames Obama for not launching WW III while they are making so much money… especially now that the neoliberalization and recolonization of Africa is well underway (thanks to Benghazi)

The questions put to me basically center around the “why” of it all and honestly, though I put forward a hypothesis at the start (June 7th) I would like to modify that theory a bit in relation to what we have seen thus far.

The truth is, you don’t have to ask “why” at this point. They have already told us the why of it. You’re just not listening. When these kinds of psyops take place, it’s almost a race by the interested parties to get on-board before their colleagues do. They want to ensure that the powers that be take notice of their ability to see the agenda and their willingness to help them achieve it.

We live in a world dominated by corporate ladder climbing yesmen. Mediocre at best wannabes with no moral center. In fact, they revel in that description, thinking somehow that makes them better than all the rest of humanity who are still stymied by archaic belief systems of “right and wrong” or the evil “altruism”

To this class of “new normal” sycophants to power, it’s not about doing the right thing, it’s about doing the right thing for those who matter. And you and I we simply don’t matter.

So they are rushing as fast as they can to help craft the endgame of this psyop in service to the “why” of it all. You don’t have to guess at it anymore folks. The “why” is all around us.

Now at first I figured it was damage control for a different psyop. Let me explain.

They had been running all kinds of leaks in the month of May just after another sycophantic servant of their interests announced his big “Final Revolution of America” armed march on Washington. That little psyop was sniffed out immediately and even after staging his little “disappearance” act, Adam Kokesh found himself sitting alone with his big plans and no one buying his crap anymore. People knew he was setting up gun owners and libertarians for what appeared to be a painful fall on July the 4th of this year and he got reamed pretty hard for it. His credibility tanked and his staged arrest made it even worse.

So the leaks they rushed through were designed to generate an anger and a panic in the country especially in the libertarian/Tea Party types and this final straw, the revelation of the mass surveillance of everyone by “big government” in violation of their civil liberties then coupled with abuses from their other big enemy, the IRS, would be more than they could take, fermenting the very same “Final Revolution of America” just as their other asset Kokesh had planned. Or at least, that would be the story pushed by the MSM and their complicit “alternative truth tellers” when all hell breaks out at the march on July 4th.

Didn’t quite work out that way. Though our new manufactured hero did happen to mention ANOTHER march on July 4th, this time in support of him. We will have to wait to see how that works out.

For the most part, I still hold to that original hypothesis, that his “leak” is part of that same onslaught of staged ‘leaks” and scandals designed to provide a narrative for a staged resistance be it partially legit or fully manufactured like many of the Color Revolutions our intelligence services have created in the past all across the world.

But like most psyops, in the planning stages many ideas of ways to benefit from it are floated and there isn’t just one goal in mind. It’s multitasking by corporate minded drones who can’t imagine doing something for one purpose… everything has to be taken advantage of in every possible way since they have inside information as to what is going to happen and the power to control the narrative after it happens. It’s just more cost effective, don’t ya know.

What is the other “why” of it? Simple, just listen to the president and read the fake polls in the media and watch the people who are paid to parrot the consensus opinions to the point where you start parroting them back. And you can figure it out from there. Or at least the first part of it…

“The Electronic Frontier Foundation, an internet rights group, called for a “new Church committee” to investigate potential government infringements on privacy and to write new rules protecting the publicGuardian

Edward bought himself some credibility by sticking a brand new EFF bumper sticker on his laptop. I don’t know how many news services have pointed to that little bit of set dressing as “proof” of his legitimacy.

Think about their plan for a second… a new Church Committee. Do we have a single congressman who isn’t bought and paid for by the banksters running this slide into fascism? Don’t forget, the intelligence services do EVERYTHING they do in support of our “national interests” i.e. the banksters and corporate honchos who own this country… and the same goes for congress. So what exactly is a new Church Committee going to do for us in 2013? Another 9/11 Commission Report? Another Obamacare plan? Another set of fake regulations like the ones keeping the banks from screwing us again that they created 2 years ago in a different dog and pony show?

Leaders of congress held 22 briefings on the Prism program with the Obama administration between Oct. 2011 and Dec. of 2012. Does anyone really think if they decide the actions are criminal, they are going to hold themselves and their leadership accountable?

Don’t be stupid.

Yeah, for those of you reading associated with the EFF, that might have worked in 1974 or so… but I think we are well beyond looking to congress to stop this crap from happening, especially since they’ve known it was happening and many of them on the left and the right support it now.

If that’s our “big plan” we had better get a new one because all that is going to do is distract people into thinking something is being done and then legitimize the criminality just like the FISA bill of 2008 did a while ago.

Rethink that EFF if you don’t mind.

What did the president say about it all?

No body is listening to your phone calls” Obama

Legalese… no, no one is listening to your calls. But a supercomputer is filtering through them live in real time looking for hot-botton words like “bomb” or “jihad” or “organize” or “Palestine” or “Zionism” or “revolution” or “union” or “solidarity” or “new patent” or “leak” or “Benghazi” or any other things that could possibly be of interest to our “national interests”. They are being recorded and stored in massive facilities like Bumblehive. They are being decrypted if you are a corporation in competition with a company that is friendly to the current administration or  the bankers that own them. And they are being used to create the keyword of the day, “metadata” on you, your friends, your associates, you wife, your mistress, you gay lover, whatever… and that metadata will be useful in the future when it’s time to keep you in line and your big mouth shut.

But no, technically Obama’s statement isn’t a lie… no one is actually listening as you make your calls. They can later in a court of law or on CNN when it’s time to shut you up, but right now… no.

In the abstract you can complain about Big Brother or how this is a potential programme run amok, but when you actually look at the details I think we’ve struck the right balance,” Obama

Whether using drones for the ‘targeted killing’ of alleged terrorists, or data-mining the phone records of everyone in AmericaBarack Obama has a standard response to those who would question his use of these questionable clandestine programmes: “we welcome a debate“.

That debate – which Mr Obama described last month as “the appropriate balance between our need for security and preserving those freedoms that make us who we are” – has exploded into the open following this week’s revelations about the extent of National Security Agency surveillance programs. Telegraph

The argument he is presenting is deeply flawed in many ways the first of which is the marginalization of the opposition’s frame work of dissent. It’s a brilliant tactic by the way.

Our position is not an abstract based on a piece of fiction, albeit a prescient one, but rather a concrete and fundamental stand for which we MUST now be inclined to take.

The biggest problem many of us had (the few who actually stood up to Product Obama back in the day) when Obama announced we were going to “look forward and not back” with regard to prosecuting the myriad of crimes committed under the Bush administration, was that it meant his term in office was going to codify the worst of those crimes, essentially normalizing them. This is that process.

This is not an abstract position we take but one rooted in the ONLY concrete foundation everyone in this country relies on, the very thing every public servant is sworn by oath to protect, the very thing our soldier fight and die for (at least as far as they are told) and that is the Constitution of the United States of America. You don’t get more concrete than that. But as of late, starting a while ago, it’s been slowly but surely eroded in the name of the Global War of Terror and various “national interests” like free trade agreements and unconstitutional mandates to buy health insurance from rip-off experts.

And now we must have a “debate”? A debate over what? Whether or not enough False Flag events have taken place to remove our constitutional rights? Is that the debate we are going to have? Are we going to actually put people on the debate floor who are actually on our side, or are they going to poison the well with Alex Jones taking up our side? Will we even have a voice or like in the case of Obamacare, will the administration have this so-called “debate” behind closed doors with folks from L3 and Raytheon and Boz Allen Hamilton like they did with the healthcare act “debate”

And why do we need to debate the existence of the 4th amendment anyway? There it is. You can look it up yourself. It’s still the undisputed law of the land as far as I know.

We have to have this “debate” because we found out some contractors are violating the law in a major way and therefore we have to do something to protect the Too Big Too Fail companies like Booz Allen. Does that sound suspiciously like the FISA 2008 “debate” or am I missing something?

What is the “right balance”?

Everything you say is recorded. Everywhere you go is recorded. Everything you buy is recorded. Everyone, everything. And contractors do it to make money.

Your X-Box One watches you in your living room constantly sending feeds back to the mother-ship. What  you say with your friends while playing video games online is recorded an analyzed.

Profiles are being created by the kinds of idiots who create those 40 page questionnaires that you have to fill out when you apply for a minimum wage job flipping burgers.

They know if you get regular yeast infections, how many condoms you bought last year and what kind of lubricant you like and believe it or not, it all goes into the database for processing. Everything ladies and gentlemen. Everything.

They forced companies to give them back door access to your information. They forced cellphone companies to allow them a way to turn on your phone and listen to your conversations… hell, they even GAVE phones to poor people so they could do just that as well as track them daily and record what they say and who they say it too.  They gave high school kids reconditioned laptops with cameras and mics built in so they could monitor them as well. See what the kids were thinking beyond what they wrote about on their other asset, FACEBOOK

In short ladies and gentlemen, this is the balance. And at the same time, this government has become the most secretive ever punishing the most whistle-blowers ever. Ever. Ever. Ever.

That’s “the right balance”?

Only a fool would believe that. Which brings us to the Huffington Post:

“Judging from talk on social networking sites, few people are terribly surprised — or too upset — to discover that the government may have been reading their email”Huffington Post

Here is a recent episode of HuffPost Live where a couple Huffington Post “opinion makers” sit back and tell their sheepish audience what to think about current news of the day in this case the NSA spying scandal. This one is called the “I Stand With Edward Snowden” discussion as if that leaves anything to the imagination…

Stepanian: … and now they are going so far as to spying on our everyday communications under the name of this war on terror…

Host: Well let me just pause you right there because I think we on the left have taken that point for granted right? That we say “spying on everyday communication”… can we unpack that for just a second? Metalevel data collection, some would argue, is not the same as wiretaps, not the same as listening for keywords through voice recognition software. What they are doing is simply picking up general data patterns for the purpose of monitoring foreign threats.

As the guest started to veer off the consensus path, the host brings him back into the confines of allowable debate but actually what he says is NOT what Edward Snowden revealed and it is certainly NOT what we know for a fact they have been doing. It’s AS IF all of the news of the past 12 years relating to this growing surveillance state was just tossed out the window not to mention what was just said by Snowden in a video clip played on that very show. And then he justifies it in the exact same way any good republican would have justified anything done by the Bush administration back in the day. The host “corrects” the guest on how he is too see not only the evidence of the spying but also the justification for it.

The guest then goes on to continue to spin the lies and justification in a rather amazing way…

Stepanian: What they could do with this type of surveillance is they could develop maps of communications you have with your loved ones or your colleagues now if you are related to someone who is accused of having an alliance with a terrorist organization and they confide in you whether it be religious or spiritual things, not related to criminal conduct, should you now be red-flagged as a terrorist due to those connections through your metadata. So these are the concerns that start to arise. But what we need to be looking at is that the heart of this, post 9/11, in their efforts to preserve certain safeties and certain freedoms that we have, what liberties are we having erode from underneath us. And if this architecture is adopted one generation or two generations from now, and say we have a corrupt leader that wants to use these powers for say very negative purposes, are we giving them the tools to oppress our people?

Host: OK. That’s an important distinction. What I’m hearing you say is that it’s not that we have compromised our liberties now, it’s not that we’ve lost our privacy YET, per-se, but we’ve created that kind of structure for that to happen in the future.


Lessons to take away from this infomercial?

  1. If you are white and more importantly MIDDLE CLASS (the host was black) you have nothing to fear.
  2. Obama would never do anything bad
  3. The meta data is ours so it’s it’s OK
  4. Current spying on you and recording your calls and travel and banking records and purchases is not in any way to be considered compromising your liberties because Obama is doing it
  5. It’s all in the name of al Qaeda, our partners in the destabilization campaign of Syria and Libya and Afghanistan

Is it any wonder with propaganda like this being force fed to the public on the right and the left that fake polls can be published telling people most of their neighbors don’t mind their 4th amendment being tossed out the window?

“A majority of Americans – 56% – say the National Security Agency’s (NSA) program tracking the telephone records of millions of Americans is an acceptable way for the government to investigate terrorism,” Pew Research Center

Is that a legit poll? No of course not. But you’re to BELIEVE it because the masters of the universe have their PR machine telling you to BELIEVE it.

What so few understand at least in the front part of their minds, is that this isn’t a reaction to 9/11, it’s simply the next stage of 9/11. You can’t fight this process without first addressing the core of their only remaining argument. Because at the core of the Twin Towers, you find a plan to see this transition laid out long long before any towers were hit and any buildings were demoed. It’s all part of a greater design and it doesn’t take much to see it, if you want to.

Why? Why Now?

Why? This is why… because in order to transition (there’s that word again) an open society into a closed one (see Naomi Wolf for an explanation) you can do it one of two ways: Shock and Awe as in Libya and Iraq and Syria and Vietnam… or you can gradually shift the public mind via “hearts and minds” operations and false flag events to accept it as a “rational debate on the right balance”

One of those methods breeds violent insurgencies like Afghanistan, the other creates subservient sheep willing to turn their backs on their fellow Americans while they are systematically rounded up.

It seems the choice has been made.

The “why now” part of the equation is easy.  Austerity is about to land on this country like it has on so many over the past 6 decades and in order to maintain control, they have to manage the uprising.  This summer is going to be hard. Gold prices are already tumbling, world markets are out of control, ours is only being propped up by massive infusion of trillions of dollars keeping the Wall Street masters in the loot for a little while longer, but they are quietly pulling out before the next Great Depression.

They need a reason to put this country on lock-down. They are setting up to disarm those out there who they are worried about and they already know who you are.

The transition that they have been writing about since 2000 is upon us, at least the final stage of it, and it isn’t going to be pretty.

Back in the day, like say Indonesia under Suharto a favorite dictator of ours and President Obama’s mother’s employer (actually it was USAID and the CIA) used to have to create lists of dissidents and left leaning rabble rousers the old fashioned way. He got the CIA to get USAID on the ground in the neighborhoods to make “micro loans” to folks, basically payouts to business minded folks who were paid to snitch on their leftist neighbors.

President Obama’s mother did that job for a number of years while his step father was actually a general working for Suharto.

USAID would then take the lists and give them to their friends at the CIA who would then help Suharto to round them up and either “reeducate” or kill them.

Neoliberal economics demands such actions because it is so undemocratic, so unfair and exploitative, they have to have death squads to handle problems before they become problems.

That’s how it used to word and it’s no coincidence that Obama, born to this kind of system, is now the president.

The lists are collected other ways now. They have honeypot groups which feed your info along the chain but they also have stuff like “metadata”

The end result will be the same. The list even has a name… Main Core. For a while it has been used as a kind of blacklist for jobs and such and in the end it will be used to cut your credit off when we finally devolve into their wet-dream, the cashless society.

But for now, the Main Core list will be used in another way:

“We know all this already,” I stated. He looked at me, giving me a look like I’ve never seen, and actually pushed his finger into my chest. “You don’t know jack,” he said, “this is bigger than you can imagine, bigger than anyone can imagine. This administration is collecting names of sources, whistle blowers and their families, names of media sources and everybody they talk to and have talked to, and they already have a huge list. If you’re not working for MSNBC or CNN, you’re probably on that list. If you are a website owner with a brisk readership and a conservative bent, you’re on that list. It’s a political dissident list, not an enemy threat list,” he stated.” shtf Plan

The author of the article mistakenly relates it to Marxism of course, it’s always about “the communist Obama” for these guys, but he’s not that far off base when he talks about the list targeting dissidents.

In a world were every effort is exerted to control what you think and how you see the world, what is the main threat? Terrorism? No. It’s dissent. Rational, reasonable, logical dissent. It’s a virus to those masters of the universe who would own the world and all of us in it.

That’s why this “metadata’ isn’t about listening to you talk to your Muslim friends as the “confide” spiritual leanings your way. That’s why it doesn’t make a hill of beans difference if you are poor, working class or middle class (in fact the middle class with more education is historically targeted first… notice the war on public education and the “alternative truth tellers” who support that as well? It’s not a coincidence)

If you suffer from the same virus WE ALL DO then you will be targeted until that virus is removed from you. That is why they monitor calls, emails, chats online, talks with friends in your living room, game discussions while playing with friends online…

… they want to know who will go along and who will not. That is what the metadata algorithms predict and that is why it’s so important for them to continue to collect it.

And that is also why we are having this phony “debate” at this time, because time is running out and something had to be done to kick it all off in the public sphere and get the “rightthink” machinations underway.

4 thoughts on “Manufactured Hero Edward Snowden: Why? and Why Now?

  1. Scott, thats a lot of text to convince the public that this is not an important event, ad nauseum. Unfortunately for dis-info agents as yourself, we are capable of critical thinking. Sure the kid had intelligence connections, thats why his story is believable and why the communists are in full bore damage control. A better audience for drivel is USA today patrons. You will of course need to add some graphs and pie-charts as these people can hardly read without mommy.

  2. This is a lot to digest. So…. basically, this leak is scripted and with the intention of getting dissent out in the open where, through open “debate,” all dissidents will be exposed and so noted?

    An interesting idea.

    I have been stumbling over the notion that our national security has been put in jeopardy through this leak. I am not yet seeing how all this adds up to aiding the terrorists. So that story makes no sense. Maybe this one makes better sense. (because there’s a lot about it that doesn’t make total sense). At the very least, the event, if real, is being massaged and morphed into something else.

  3. I’d personally like to thank Mr. Snowden for having the balls to inform us of what we already knew.

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