Many COVID-19 patients later develop mental illness, study finds

New York Post – by Kenneth Garger

Twenty percent of coronavirus patients later develop a new mental illness, according to a study.

The most common disorders experienced by COVID-19 survivors within 90 days of their diagnoses are anxiety, depression and insomnia, according to the study published in The Lancet Psychiatry journal

“People have been worried that COVID-19 survivors will be at greater risk of mental health problems, and our findings … show this to be likely,” said Paul Harrison, a professor of psychiatry at Britain’s Oxford University.

The study looked at the electronic health records of over 62,000 coronavirus patients in the US.

The study group was twice as likely to suffer from a new mental illness than other groups of patients during the same period, researchers said.

“This is likely due to a combination of the psychological stressors associated with this particular pandemic and the physical effects of the illness,” said Michael Bloomfield, a consultant psychiatrist at University College London who was not directly involved with the study.

4 thoughts on “Many COVID-19 patients later develop mental illness, study finds

  1. PTSD Symptoms:

    People may experience:

    Behavioral: agitation, irritability, hostility, hypervigilance, self-destructive behavior, or social isolation

    Psychological: flashback, fear, severe anxiety, or mistrust

    Mood: loss of interest or pleasure in activities, guilt, or loneliness

    Sleep: insomnia or nightmares

    Also common: emotional detachment or unwanted thoughts


    Not to mention a sliiiiight problem; IT DOESN’T EFFING EXIST. Even the liars at the CDC, WHO, NHS have stated they cannot isolate it.

    I guess, then, anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together would ask a simple question; ‘How the hell do you make a vaccine to kill something you cannot even prove exists’?

    I guess it’s just ”shut up and take your medicine” time, right gang?

  3. I’d say the fear-mongering pretty much causes most of it, whether covid exists or not. And then you have folks who ridicule some covid survivor just because….didn’t social distance, wear a mask, wash hands, whatever. Because some folks just love to bully other folks.

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