Marijuana Nasal Spray is Here

High Times – by Mike Adams

Stoners, smokers and medical marijuana tokers could soon have the option to partake in their daily doses of the leaf by nose.

Cannabis Biotech, a subsidiary of Puget Technologies, recently announced that the company has produced a transmucosal method for delivering cannabis into the mucous membrane of the nasal cavity. Marijuana users, specifically those prescribed the herb for medicinal purposes, would be able to administer a standard and reliable dose of medicine by inhaling a marijuana mist rather than be subjected to some of the harsh carcinogens commonly associated with smoking weed.  

Ken Morrow, head of research for Cannabis Biotech say that the principles of administering marijuana through the nasal cavity are similar to other popular inhalant type drugs used by patients to treat hay fever and allergies.

“Nasal delivery for administration of therapeutic remedies has been used for thousands of years and is very popular today,” he said. “The system offers the potential of appealing to a broader patient base due to being user-friendly, reliable and fast-acting.”

President and CEO of Puget Technologies Ron Leyland says, that with such immense growth being experienced throughout the medical marijuana community, more patients will soon be seeking out medicinal cannabis in forms not involving some of the stigmas connected with smoking it.

“Modern medicine derived from cannabis is coming out of the shadows and a more varied group of patients are expected to seek out its benefits,” he said.

That is a rather accurate statement considering that some reports suggest that there are nearly 25 million patients currently eligible for medical marijuana in the United States.

In addition, a recent Gallup Poll indicates that the opinions of marijuana in the U.S. have shifted — more than doubling in public support since the 1970s — with 58% of the country in favor of legalizing marijuana.

Now, if someone could only tell us how to go about sampling that Mary Jane nasal spray, that would be great!

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One thought on “Marijuana Nasal Spray is Here

  1. This is just another sneaky way for the pharmaceutical co.s to get their fingers into the business of marijuana. Why can`t them bastards just leave well enough alone.
    How about they just legalize Herb and then play their damn games like they always do.

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