Marines grow opium for their masters.

Uploaded on May 2, 2010 by ARBuilder1776

U.S. Marines are now tasked with guarding the opium crops. As always Geraldo puts a spin on the story that its really bad but has to be done. Who makes the money off of this opium? Is it the farmers making all the money from these crops? Doubt it. This is nothing more than war for profit and they shove it in your face.

6 thoughts on “Marines grow opium for their masters.

  1. Funny, the same taliban made growing opium a death offense pre invasion. I think Geraldo has been smoking it to be able to try and sell this lie.

  2. What a waste this military is. Throwing money at it all the time. I suppose for a paycheck people will do anything sometimes.

  3. Bullshit!… Bullshit!….. Bullshit!
    “They CAN’T destroy it” is repeated over and over, to cement the lie in the minds of the sheep.
    Lying conniving prostitutes! Those “poor farmers” could be reimbursed so as to not lose a penny. The cost to “pay them off” would be less than one of the regiments of mercenaries they use to bully and terrorize the locals in a number of “war zones” The CIA/Mossad created entity called “Taliban” are NOT pressing those farmers to get profit, except in the capacity they were created for, which is to be the scapegoat for all the deceptions with which the overlords are attempting to deceive the STUPID people. The only ones who would lose from the destruction of the opium crops would be the ones who profit from it – as you will note, no one EVER mentions the logical and necessary steps between the farmers and the international drug trade. It’s like a sort of Agatha Christy mystery. Are we to believe that the “know all, see all, do all” powers that be are so inept that they cannot determine what entities are involved, so as to enable them to destroy the mechanism? After all, isn’t there a “War On Drugs”?
    The truth is, all of this is a ruse; a camouflage to cover the fact that the gatekeepers who rail about the drug trade are the very ones who facilitate, fund and cover for it to pad their pockets, and keep the drugs that destroy the fabric of our world’s societies flowing.
    I pray that the STUPID people will wake up and assist us as we take these bastards to task for their decades of fraud and deception.

    Yah Bless the Republic!
    Death to The New World Order

  4. Only good show he ever did was getting whacked in the face with a chair by the ‘Nazi’ skinhead.

    One of the few truly entertaining moments the idiot box has shown.

  5. What is far less talked about is the OTHER reason (equally, if not more important) Afghanistan was invaded.

    It is THE most mineral rich country in the world. They’ve been strip-mining it to death since they invaded.

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