12 thoughts on “Mark Koernke: “The Trump Administration Is Trying to Murder Ammon Bundy”

  1. thanks for the post Shivley’s.. I don’t get to listen to Mark in the morning anymore due to the show starting an hour later and my smart(dumb)phone is to old to accept the micro app… let us not ever forget Lavoy Finicum…

  2. They’re trying to murder the majority of us.

    Just not as obviously as in this case.

  3. I agree we should call. I wonder what happened to no Waco, Ruby Ridge, ect.? Send a post card.

  4. There’s a lesson here for all dissidents: If the pigs and/or fedcoats come for you, this is the kind of treatment you risk receiving if you allow them to take you alive.

    1. Take me alive? No worries on that issue mate. Started getting mentally prepared during and after Ruby Ridge.

  5. Call Sheriff Wehrly at (775) 751-7000 and demand a welfare check on the Bundy’s at the CCA detention facility located on Mesquite Avenue in
    Pahrump Nevada. Or just dial 911.

  6. I can almost guarantee that if or when you call to protest this … the only thing the tyrants on the other end of the call are going to be concerned with ,,,, is WHO you are , your name and where your calling from

    Not one dam bit are they going to care that you are outraged at these human rights violations

    The only thing they care about is their own skin in the game
    When charges are filed and made to stick is all they care about , and that doesn’t seem to be taking place here
    Standing in a group outside the gates , won’t change anything either

    Everyone knows how to deal with this , but no one will make that move

    Even those people who support that the Bundys did something wrong , can’t morally accept these human , and legal rights violations , for if they do , god help them when it’s their turn

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