Martial Law Preparations Continue

martial lawGary D. Barnett

I just wrote two days ago about the government’s Martial Law training in Miami, and yesterday a similar event happened in Houston. As happened in Miami, there was no warning and no citizens were alerted to the fact that the police and military would be practicing domestic war “games” in their neighborhoods.

In  this story from ABC in Houston:

“The U.S. Army along with other agencies took over the old Carnegie Vanguard High School near Scott and Airport. There were armed men in fatigues, plenty of weapons and what many thought were real live rounds.”

Resident Francis Jerrals told a neighbor, “don’t come home it sounds like we’re in a war zone. Guns, shooting, helicopters flying around the house. It was nonstop. I was terrified.”

It is certainly ironic that heavily armed military and police took over a school considering recent events, and the political and mainstream media’s constant proselytizing about the danger of guns in schools. It is also obvious that government employed thug have no problem terrorizing the public.

This was called a “drill,”  and one that involved multiple agencies, but the Army would not give any details. This training, as I’ve mentioned in the past, is meant to achieve at least two goals. First, the more that this government show of force is implemented, the more complacent the citizenry will become. The masses who live mostly in the cities, will get used to the idea of gunfire, helicopters, and soldiers in riot gear and armor patrolling the streets. This is by design. It seems that dependent Americans are so gullible, that indoctrinating and conditioning them to accept virtually anything is an easy task for government criminals in uniform. This is always done of course in the name of “safety.”

Secondly, this is real training! It is not training meant to prepare these murderers to kill and maim those overseas, as that has been going on for over 100 years, especially since the 9/11 government conspiracy and cover up. This training is specific to a particular agenda. That agenda is to prepare all the agencies of force to work together to control the American populace at large. It is also meant to condition all those in the police forces and military to fire on this country’s residents when ordered to do so!

The one thing that is a constant in the depraved military is that soldiers take orders! But the problem has now expanded to all domestic policing as well. There is a reason that the federal government has been for a long time militarizing the local and state police. There is a reason that much of the funding for local and state police forces comes from the feds. With funding comes control, and with military style equipment and arms in the hands of state gendarmes comes tyranny.

Now, all the state and federal forces are united in their mission, and that mission is clear. The intent here is to take over by military force all domestic policing. That will allow the government and its minions in arms to control the entire population. It is no coincidence that aggressive gun control and eventual confiscation is being pursued at the same time that the police and military forces are preparing this country’s citizens for military rule.

The government in this country knows what most citizens don’t, and that is that an economic collapse is imminent, unemployment will worsen, continuous war is a mainstay, and because of these things and more the people will become restless. That restlessness will lead obviously to civil unrest and active dissent. Active dissent is not something that the government desires, and it will do whatever is necessary to quell any mass revolt by the people.

The signs are obvious, but the almost complete apathy displayed by the average American has so far prevented any honest revolutionary behavior from taking place. The emotions and fears of those in this country cannot be squelched forever. This heinous government is fully aware of that fact, and is preparing its strategy to combat the coming disasters; disasters created by the same U.S. government that will assume dictatorial powers if not stopped now!

6 thoughts on “Martial Law Preparations Continue

  1. My Fellow Patriots:

    What is a “War Game” today,….

    Will be deadly serious tommorrow.

    This treasonous gov’t IS telling us exactly what they are planning on doing in the near future,… all anyone has to do is open their eyes,.. and be willing to admit what it is they see.

    JD – US Marines – Open warfare by this perfidious filth called the US Fed Gov’t is about to be unleased on us.

  2. Well ya know JD they just need to hold these drills to accustom the sheep to respond correctly. They are to cower in their own piss until slaughtered.
    Oh By the way, remember that,
    “We are doing this for the children’s safety. Nevermind that there is no one attempting to fight back. That is as it is supposed to be.Our Messiah Obama will save us all.”

    1. Hi rhumstruck,

      “They are to cower in their own piss until slaughtered.”

      Hahahahahaha,…. I really did get a good laugh out of that one!

      Even when faced with a dark truth,.. sometimes, you just gotta laugh,.. thanks.

      JD – US Marines – When the SHTF,… it will be time to pass out the adult diapers….

  3. I saw a chilling story a few years ago.

    It told of how the globalists were going to kidnap the kids from schools so that they would have leverage over the parents and families so that they would not join in any resistance to global government taking over.

    Now Sandy Hook has children and school employees living in fear and more than willing to follow the globalist’s forces into any bus or van to be taken to places unknown. With other globalist forces attacking gun owners at the same time, the buses will pass close enough for the kids to hear gunfire and explosions and they will see the globalist forces as saviors from the carnage the globalists created.

    Children are small and don’t take up much room. They also don’t eat as much as adults. And they largely blank slates that can be brainwashed much more easily than the jaded adults. They would provide a perfect slave population for the future.

    I wish I could find the story. I wish I had saved it for you to see. I can only recall some of the main points.

  4. I want to conduct a realistic “home invasion drill” on my own property complete with Hollywood effects of breaking doors, shattering glass, screams, gunfire, crying kids, gushing blood and so on. I will not notify my neighbors beforehand just so that they know what it could be like. I am confident this would not violate any state or local ordinances and everyone in my community will thank me profusely.

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