21 thoughts on “Media Controllers

  1. Are Jew kidding me? That’s a whole Kibbutz worth of zionists! Incredible that this is the first time I have seen it arranged to precisely. You will hear the Jewish-controlled SAYANIM deflectors scoff and twist when the zionist control over media is addressed, but this is irrefutable, and should be spread across the land. I wonder how many of those pictures and names represent “dual citizenship” infiltrators?

    1. okay Darzak I am going to make a wild guess to your question… .’I wonder how many of those pictures and names represent “dual citizenship” infiltrators?’………….ALL OF THEM?

      1. Even moreso, how many are TALMUDISTS wanting to murder believers in Jesus Christ and enslave all Gentiles? How many are Chabad? Crypto-Jews? From shabbot-goy parents?

  2. This is an ” Infestation ” . Not only is it in the USA, but in every Country globally..
    I have said this before, its time to put these faces on decks of cards. ( I’m sure we’re going to be needing multiple decks per state, a revolving deck till the extermination is complete. ) This gives new meaning to open season..

  3. I’ve been saying this for years, so I’m real happy that this guy (or gal) made a pictorial display of the fact.

    It’s important to point out the small percentage (1.6%) of Jews in our society, because that fact makes “coincidence” statistically impossible, and it results in a real eye-opening fact for people with any knowledge of math.

  4. These are just the tips of the turds floating in the media punch bowl.

    But I gotta tell ya…

    Some of them are grinning about screwing u over.

    While some of them look like someone put a gun to their…heads to crack a smile.

    And uh…how much did we pay for these glamour shots…?

    Let me take a wild azz guess.

    Only an arm and a leg.

    Now that’s what I call bargain basement prices.

  5. Any way to enlarge the picture? I really want to see their faces. I also want to see the faces of cryptos like Rivero that, intention (like Jones) or not, serve Talmudic Judaism. Paul Joseph Watson? Pete Santilli? We Are Change? You know, the alt media that NEVER exposes the crimes of the Synagogue of Satan (at least Rivero pretends to at times).

  6. the same group that pushes ‘diversity is our strength’ propaganda……doesn’t look like a very diverse group to me

  7. Was this not associated with that Trump wrestling CNN meme produced by the teenager HansA**holeSolo back on July 5 2017? CNN tried to out him from Reddit posts and it all backfired allowing him to sue CNN for threats? I think I have that right….comments?

  8. Guys, I’m going to tell you this once and only once,

    “Hollywood is controlled by the Arabs”, so saith the great and fat Alex Jones. Lol

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