Media Dogpile: ABC, CNN, NBC Demand Release of Benghazi Emails

Godfather Politics – by Tad Cronn

Somebody must have put something in the watercoolers at the major news networks this week.

After years of lethargy, particularly where President Obama is concerned, all of a sudden the mainstream media are acting like, well, journalists.  

The White House has been ducking and covering since the recent Benghazi hearings and ABC’s story showing definitively that the Administration whitewashed al-Qaida’s involvement in the Benghazi killings of four Americans, including an ambassador.

In what was no doubt an attempt to calm things down, the White House apparently leaked an email to CNN’s Jake Tapper that contradicted an email reported by ABC in its story last week. Both emails were from Obama adviser Ben Rhoades, but the version ABC had gotten hold of implicated the White House in the editing of the CIA’s Benghazi talking points, whereas the version leaked to CNN wasn’t as clear.

But then a funny thing happened. Instead of blaming ABC for getting the story wrong, as the White House no doubt hoped he would do, Tapper acted like a journalist and drew the logical conclusion that there must be a whole email chain that would clarify the situation. So Tapper then called on the White House to release all Benghazi-related emails, a call that was soon joined by ABC, then followed by NBC.

Conspicuous, perhaps, by its absence in the call for transparency from this Administration, is CBS, where reporter Sharyll Atkisson has been instrumental in keeping the Benghazi story alive but has had to fight against her own bosses, including CBS President David Rhoades, who is the brother of Ben Rhoades, author of the emails in question and apparently a key figure in the rewriting of the CIA talking points in order to cover up al-Qaida’s involvement.

Throw into the mix the growing outrage over the Department of Justice’s secret gathering of Associated Press phone records, and the assertion by the BBC’s America editor that Benghazi is serious and “heads will roll,” and you’ve got a situation where the Administration’s list of allies in the press is suddenly grown thin.

Even ultraliberals like Andrea Mitchell have joined in condemning the Administration for this week’s AP and IRS scandals, and some of them are starting to wake up to the facts around the Benghazi coverup.

It’s been an amazing week, watching elements of the mainstream media starting to wake up and finally begin to investigate one of the most, if not the most, corrupt administrations in history.

After his re-election, Obama clearly had a sense of invulnerability. Why not? He had fooled America twice, and he must have reasoned that he could get away with anything. But rot begins at the top, and during his tenure, it has spread throughout the executive branch.

This may be the Administration’s Icarus moment, when the president and his lackeys have finally dared too much and the feathers come off their wings, leading to an inevitable and long overdue plunge.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

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2 thoughts on “Media Dogpile: ABC, CNN, NBC Demand Release of Benghazi Emails

  1. The second sentence tells you the whole story is Bullchips.

    “the mainstream media are acting like, well, journalists”

    They’re not journalists, and they’re doing a bad job of acting like journalists. They’re panicking propagandists discovering that no one believes them anymore, so they’re making a last grasp at credibility by pretending to be journalists.

    I’ve see several stories already that are desperately trying to convince people that the mainstream news is finally telling the truth, but you would have to be an idiot to believe them (again).

    ABC CBS NBC CNN: “Yes, we’ve been shoveling BS for decades, but you should believe us anyway because now we’re REALLY telling the truth. Honest injun. Cross my heart hope-to-die.”

  2. Calm down, MSM, you’re starting to sound like conspiracy nuts, seeing boogiemen behind every bush.

    Next thing is that you’ll start reading alternative news sites and actually believing that the government lied to you about 9/11.

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