5 thoughts on “Megyn Kelly – Texas Overrun by Illegals

  1. Texas overrun by illegals. I could have told you that.

    Just go to your nearest Ross store or Walmart and find out that you are no longer in an English speaking country anymore. They go around the store with cartloads and you’d swear you were in Mexico. You yell at them right in their face to speak English and they just ignore you and continue to talk to their kids in Spanish. The balls on them! GRR!!! It pisses the hell out of me!!! 😡

  2. Meanwhile, our military and militia just sit on their asses and the police just continue to rape us with unnecessary fines. WTF?

  3. Some say that Barry and company are trying to flood the system to get us to accept the Amnesty for illegals.

    If that’s true, I’m curious as to how anyone would want Amnesty for illegals if there are so many more of them. I would think the exact opposite. I would think everyone would be angry as hell and say GET THEM THE HELL OUT OF HERE! FAST! It makes no sense to me. Maybe it’s Communistspeak. I don’t know.

  4. NC, I’m with you on this all the way. It’s scary and our so-called government doesn’t do a damn thing about it. In fact our government encourages this and it’s so darn frustrating!

  5. What?

    Crazifornia’s not good enough for them anymore? I can only hope.

    Not holding my breath, though.

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