Merry Christmas From the Trenches!

Merry Christmas From the Trenches

Christmas again already?  Can’t be.  Time flies when you are under the gun.

Merry Christmas to all our brothers and sisters, standing with us in the Trenches.  May our new year see us assert our rights as never before.

Henry, Laura, and Family.

25 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From the Trenches!

  1. Merry Christmas to you also and may we prevail in the new year!
    It brings to mind the movie when Mel Gibson yells ”FREEDOM”. That is what it is all about, our ability to remain free and fight this tyranny they impose on us daily.

    God Bless all Freedom Loving People willing to fight tyranny!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

    1. Thanks,Merry Christmas to all working the trenches and all the readers.As I gear up to see friends and family wanted to say the post about folks of different religions coming to each others aid gave me a little hope in these weird/ever changing times,my hope is more act like this in the coming year!

    1. Mark,
      If you are headed east let me know. Missy made a huge gumbo and we have leftovers. I am only about 120 miles from laporte

  2. Christmas should not be a holiday of just
    presents, food, and entertainment.
    Christmas is a Season of Hope and Faith.
    Christmas is about Christ …..Jesus Christ.
    The one who came to save men, and women, from sin.
    Christmas should be a time of reflection.
    Of who one is, and where one’s going, as an individual.
    Christ came to Help man determine his destiny.
    Christ came to reveal God the Father, and redeem mankind.
    To make clear there would be a resurrection beyond death.
    This realm is not all there is ……
    When one truly knows Jesus Christ, one has to tell others….
    Just as the Shepherds did, so long ago.
    So this Christmas, share Jesus with others…..
    that will be the greatest gift anyone one could give, or receive.

  3. Merry Christmas….to the kids.

    Adults need to keep their eyes and ears open because this is the perfect time for our enemy to launch an attack.

  4. May the Spirit of Christ be known in all our homes this day.
    ….even if …..especially if you’re like me….closer to the John the Baptist end of the spectrum….to all my brothers and sisters …PEACE!

  5. What a pretty Christmas card!

    Merry Christmas everyone! Have a safe and happy Christmas with your family and all your loved ones! Stay vigilant for 2014 is just around the corner. Hugs to all!

    1. Merry Christmas!
      Laura took the picture out the front car window on our return trip from Medford to see the cardiologist.

  6. I’ve seen far too many articles this year about Satan’s minions doing their best to take Christ out of Christmas. Blatant, in-your-face attempts such as singing Silent Night after removing all references to Jesus.

    The spiritual war has always been with us. The physical war is about to commence. I foresee the next major false flag as being blamed on Christians. This is inevitable.

    To all my Christian brothers and sisters, I pray that you remain strong in the faith. The time of testing has come.

    1. Hey #1 You are correct i feel. Yes the time of testing that scripture speaks about is coming like a freight train. The great deceiver is gaining power. Stay well brother. HE is with us.

  7. To Henry, Laura, and the rest of my family here at FTT, a very Merry Christmas to you all. May your day be full of blessings, family, and good cheer.

  8. And may the new year help us to understand the difference between rights and entitlements as never before.Thank you and the trenches team for giving fools like me an outlet to expose our views in the spirit of the first amendment.I admire your efforts and wish you and yours a well deserved very merry Christmas.Sincerely,Carl Hammel

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