25 thoughts on “Merry Christmas From the Trenches!

  1. Merry Christmas. ..
    Yay… made it through another one.
    Gotta go…

    There’s three wise men…a donkey and a Jehovah’s witness protection program …follower knocking at my door.

    I think their lost….

    Looking for directions.

    Talking gibberish about looking for a manger or sumptin.

    So you know what I’m gonna tellem.

    I’m gonna be the grumpy old grinch.

    I gonna tell them to get off my frickin porch and go play in your own snow.

    And…fk elves.

  2. A Christmas story…

    Yesterday I went into town for some Christmas spirits.

    The Hindu guy….that owns the store…
    I won’t disclose his identity …but his first name is Omar.

    I asked him if he was open tomorrow on Christmas. ..

    He said yeah…

    Somebody has to sell Santa Clause booze.

    But the kicker was….
    After I busted his balls about Christmas.

    He gave me a tin of Danish butter cookies.
    For a present.

    I couldn’t figure out if he did it just to shut me up.
    Or to say thank you for all the booze I’ve bought there the last few years.

    And that’s my Christmas story.

    Fa la la la la la la la.

      1. I think he is….

        His dad hangs around the store sometimes.

        He has one arm…

        Ever see an old hindu wearing a dress with one arm riding a ten speed bike…?
        In a shthole trucker redneck town.?

        Man… I’ve seen some cr8z shit in vegas.

        Nothing phases me any more.

        I’ve become….

        Well as Pink Floyd would say….
        Comfortably numb.

  3. Merry Christmas Henry, Laura, and all the good folks here at the trenches!

    That picture doesn’t seem to fit the modern theme, unless one is of the 1% oligarchy. The picture should be a brown-needled Christmas tree branch with bits of refuse on it for decorations, with a burn barrel flaming in a tent city.

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