12 thoughts on “Message To Our Police – Our Support Is Not Guaranteed

  1. My take is, I Just don’t understand the sickness that is this slavish, drooling love for enforcers of tyranny!

    This is why the Trumptards will never be free or ever be on the side of true freedom…!

    The fake upset was of someone stomping on a US Corporation Flag is what upsets them immensely…!!!

    And you think any of these fks will be fighting next to us as this gets real! Hell no, they will be joining up with the Tory militias, guaranteed!

    1. Yep. They’re so dumb, they’ve been brainwashed into worshipping a rag that they don’t even know anything about and would resort to or advocate violence over. Useless eaters.

    2. That’s right, Norm.
      THAT’S the main reason for doing what I’m doing the way I’m doing it 😉
      Reminds me of the chune ‘Atom Tan’ from the Clash.

  2. Blue Lives Matter tards will never understand that we the people are the authority, we are the policing force. Not these stazi United Nations tax payer funded troops

  3. Too many holes in his arguments. Like @42:38. Says he’d allow his house to be searched for guns and says, “Good luck finding ’em.” So are they buried and therefore gloriously unavailable? Doesn’t seem he’s prepared to defend his castle from nosy intruders.

    And regarding who can and cannot own guns… Says we get to interview felons and other offenders and then decide who should or should not have a gun. Says there’s no “deep dive” into the matter. Guess he never took a “deep dive” into The Bill of Rights. Cites the “Constitution,” and doesn’t want any who’ve gotten into a fist fight to lose their voting rights, therefore validating voting.

    No mention of our Common Law courts. I want to have coffee with this guy. I think he might be a Gun Supremacist (Ha!!), giving himself super protection but denying it to some others. Ripple is not Courvoisier


    1. He’s a traitorous mercenary worshipping chumptard. He can see what he ate for breakfast where he keeps his head. Loves talking about “conservatives” and “right wing republicans”. He’s a dangerous lawbreaker helping to set the stage for totalitarianism and communism but is too stupid to think any further than what the state “allows” him. He’d gobble down anything fed to him as long as the rag is worn by his massah.

        1. You’re very welcome, Galen. I think you’d figure that out in a nanosecond if you wasted your time looking at anything he’s ever babbled about. You’ve got keen eyes and a sharp mind! 🙂

  4. He ought to keep better company than the OATH violating FILTH he has been frequenting …. A very NAIVE, troubled and misguided young man …. I do hope he gets himself together, and among a BETTER, less culturally and morrally deprived social situation soon ….. Maybe a girlfriend would straighten out the shorts, beany and flannal shirt thing …..

  5. Great comments all…!!

    There are so many like this young man whom are still psychologically stuck with the cornerstone of what the cointel, conservative Alex Jones types have drilled into them…

    He has potential to awake but his support base will not let that happen… yet my comment still shows up there..!?

    Just look at my comment on this video (under tech me now…My YT account) Not a single up or down vote…not a single comment to what I posted….

    Yet inane comments about Police ass licking and military mercenary worship of Amerika have tons of comments and upvotes

    All lost trumptards and AJ ass eaters I assume…!

    Just No matter what; don’t mention the bill of rights and absolute rights..!!

    Cause there has to be some authority we all have to be subservient to right…!??

    Frankly I can’t figure how or why NY city has not fallen into all out combat by now…!

    I mean are all the Gangbangers going along with this Mask and Vaxx BS? Cops now arresting people for No Vaxx proof etc..!!


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