Mexican Politician Thinks the Homeless Population Should Be Culled Like Dogs

The Daily Sheeple – by Joshua Krause

If politics can teach us anything, it’s that positions of power tend to attract people who are very different from you and me. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if they’re just really stupid, really evil, or really crazy. In the case of this Mexican politician, she may be a little bit of all three.  

Olga Gutierrez Machorro is a councilor with the government in Tecamachalco, who made some rather creepy comments recently when she spoke to a local newspaper during an event in Central Mexico. She talked about the plight of the growing homeless population, and how the government doesn’t have the resources to help them all. She mentioned that she has allowed some of these people to take shelter in her home, before adding “Yes they’re a little crazy, but they’re harmless. Which is why I think to myself, wouldn’t it be kinder to give them a lethal injection?” The locals were understandably outraged and she has since apologized. However, somehow I doubt that the homeless of Tecamachalco will be showing up at her front door any time soon.

What makes her comments especially disturbing is the fact that she is a councilor with the Vulnerable Groups Commission, a group that is supposed to be caring for the homeless. But that’s not nearly as disturbing as what she revealed after her reprehensible comment. According to Machorro, the culling of the homeless is already happening unofficially. The psychiatric hospital in Tecamachalco routinely deposits their non-aggressive patients in the middle of roadways at night, where they are often killed. How any of these lunatics are in charge of anything, is beyond me.

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6 thoughts on “Mexican Politician Thinks the Homeless Population Should Be Culled Like Dogs

  1. f@#k. how would feel running over one of those homeless on the highway.
    should be no surprise what those in so called authority think of the plebes though. she was just stupid enough to say it out in the open.

  2. come to think of it i wouldnt feel so bad running over netanyahoo or pelosi or cheney or any of those lower forms of life. might be fun

  3. This is a great example of how these rich bastards think about common folk.

    We’re only animals to them. Their wealth has convinced them that they’re special, and superior to the rest of humanity, and this is exactly the kind of arrogance that has inspired many revolutions in the past.

    Marie Antoinette never really said “let them eat cake”,** but the quote was famously attributed to her because it embodies the attitude that’s gotten many a head rolling in the past.

    **the story goes that she was told “Madame… the peasants have no bread to eat”, and she replied “No bread? Then let them eat cake”, in a cruel joke about them starving to death. Her head rolled, as it should have, but the story isn’t really true.

  4. “Which is why I think to myself, wouldn’t it be kinder to give them a lethal injection?”

    “DAMN!!! Was I thinking out loud again?”

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