Michelle Obama: ‘Fashion Plays an Important Role in my Confidence’

The Weekly Standard – by Jeryl Bier

Clothes may not make the woman, but according to First Lady Michelle Obama, they don’t hurt. Mrs. Obama hosted a “Fashion Workshop” for students and fashion industry representatives at the White House Wednesday, something she said had been a “dream” of hers:

But I want to thank everyone here for making this dream — this was really a dream of mine in so many ways, to have this industry and all those who have supported me, who do so much for people to make us feel beautiful and ready to get out there.

Then Mrs. Obama personalized it further:

Let me tell you, fashion plays an important role in my confidence.  My ability to do my job is really linked to how I feel about what I’m wearing.

The first lady also encouraged the students to take advantage of the opportunity afforded to them by this White House visit:

If I were you, you all — students sitting in here — I would be either writing somebody in this room, I’d be getting a card.  I would get my personal notes together right now, because my letter would be addressed to whoever — I was one of the students that was at the White House panel, I attended this workshop, we sat in the lunch, I mentioned something that they heard or a quote.  And I’d say I was — you know, now is the time to get — this is an opportunity.  This is a door…

This is really special, so make the most of it.  It won’t be the last door that you have access to, but this door is real different.

Mrs. Obama told the audience that she was taking her own advice on making the most of being in the White House:

And you have to think, when is the next time I’m going to be invited to the White House?  Because I think about that all the time.  (Laughter.)  I tell my kids, take a look around now, because you may never get invited back here again.

According to the White House transcript, her remarks were met with laughter and applause.


10 thoughts on “Michelle Obama: ‘Fashion Plays an Important Role in my Confidence’

    1. thinking the same way, trannies are always into dressing up and impersonating women, also it explains why all the sudden laws supporting and providing money to sex change


  1. ‘Fashion Plays an Important Role in my Confidence’

    What kind of role does that fat ass of yours play in your confidence, and more importantly, how do you shovel that fat ass into a pair of fashionable pants?

      1. True, NTB, BUT…

        Inquiring minds want to know…


        This may not be one of those times, however.

    1. Besides, it’s an oxymoron. If she WAS able to “shovel that fat ass into a pair of fashionable pants”, they’d no longer be “fashionable”.

      One of the immutable laws of physics. 😉

  2. My Fellow Americans:

    From this,.. “Thing”,… michelle:

    “Let me tell you, fashion plays an important role in my confidence”


    Well,.. it must be, “in fashion”,… to be a total F’n Pyscho-Pathic, Lying, He-She-It, Hard-Core Communist right now,… and that boosts it’s confidence!!

    JD – US Marines – My God,.. not only is “it” (michelle ocrapo) hideous in appearence and manner,… “it” is also a total pyschopathic communist loon!


    1. I wonder what “fashion statement” she would say about those custom pink jock straps to reduce the “bulges”. Everyone knows she’s “got a pair”!

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