Michelle Obama Tells Women To Write ‘The Biggest Check You Can Possibly Write’ To Save ObamaCare

Michelle ObamaPat Dollard

Excerpted from Politico: First lady Michelle Obama on Friday joined in the battle over Obamacare, talking up her husband’s health-care program after a rough rollout and taking on those behind the government shutdown.

“When a small group of folks in Congress shuts down our government to try to shut down Obamacare, and we watch as our President stands strong, that’s not just some political fight in Washington — it is a battle about our most fundamental values and aspirations,” the first lady told the audience at the Women’s Leadership Forum Conference in Washington, D.C.  

“[I]f you’re not happy about what you’ve seen in Congress lately, if you don’t like seeing folks in state government trying to undermine Obamacare or chip away at women’s rights and women’s health, then I urge you — let’s not just sit around feeling angry or helpless or hopeless, especially not [as] women,” she added. “Because there is something that all of you can do right now today to make a huge difference: You can write a check. That’s what we need you to do right now. We need you to write a big old check. (Laughter.) Write the biggest check you can possibly write.”

The first lady did not mention the recent problems with HealthCare.gov, which has been a growing headache for the administration since the launch of the website on Oct. 1.


30 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Tells Women To Write ‘The Biggest Check You Can Possibly Write’ To Save ObamaCare

  1. She seriously cannot be serious is she. If she asks anyone it should be the top 1% and maybe some of them overpaid worthless govt workers. When is obama going to start fireing some of them worthless POS govt workers. I thought that obama was going to clean up our govt. and all. Of course – like all presidents in the past – they all talk a line of crap that would get anyone else thrown in prison for life.

      1. No Nottoobitter lol, just another one of those empty promises that all politicions make that I was thinking of – kind of like just another pipe dream for me 🙂 .

  2. Michelle “Obama”…..

    She is NOT the first,… “Lady” of this country,….. (well,.. as far as we know,.. IT,.. is not even female,.. much less a “lady”…)

    She IS,.. a disgusting bag of filth that is nothing more than an escaped “Silver-Back” that dyes her fur to hide that fact.

    It will be interesting to see will her feet,.. or the feet of her treasonous filth “husband”,… twitch longer when they are hung for Treason, and Sedition.

    JD – US Marines – I don’t know who is more reprehensible, disgusting, offensive and treasonous,.. Michelle Ocrapo, Nutsack Pelosi,.. or that THING,…. Dianne Frankenstein.

    1. this person is the biggest piece of garbage in the W H…
      The whole works of a bunch of thieves is disgraceful to our entire country…
      I did not go to Viet Nam in 1969 as an Army Draftee for this bull shit nor did and of the other folks who went.
      Blacks can’t stand this freak show any more than the rest of us….

      1. Hey Brother Beason!

        Glad to see your still hanging on the vine here!!

        Keep your profile low,… and your shit quite,… I strongly suspect that a set of Major Gov’t Black-Ops (False-Flags) is getting ready to be unleashed on this country,… and, WE THE PEOPLE,… at that time,… we shall be given a golden opportunity to,.. “take the trash out!”

        Stay frosty my friend,… almost time for Ol’ Painless to come out of retirement.

        1. you are an absolute treasure……..JD
          Laughs, and I don’t care if bombs are falling all over, they are still required….I know you are genuine…so am not poking fun at that part…
          maybe stay thirsty…….my friend………
          what a decent guy you are….JD…….
          tks for everything

  3. That would be the only thing that would come even within 1% of saving Obummer care, and that would only suck the money out of white liberal asshole women. (not a bad idea). Time is short, be ready.

  4. Wow….just………..wow.

    It’s almost hard to wrap your head around, how disingenuous, phony, and criminal these people are. So brazen now, now that no one stands up to them, not even the military.

    1. Ha Ha, I read the same thing. I heard that michelle played football for the Oregom Ducks football team under the name michael. Ha Yes do a search about michelle obama about that 🙂

  5. Sorry guys.

    I honestly thought this was satire when I sent it in. It was supposed to be comic relief. LOL 🙂


    1. look #1 NWo hatr
      did you mislead us……….is this article untrue
      or did you think it was satire………..how the hell can you do that
      and be wrong?
      my stars
      I will say, this is not exactly a comical situation……..
      Followers and new comers alike, trust to a certain point…..and i would say especially on this web site……
      And Your Comment?
      Better give me some meat here.;…

      1. My personality is well-known by all.

        The capitalized “NOT!!!” was obviously a disclaimer for all that preceded it.

        One DOES need a sense of humor, however, to truly grasp how ludicrous this insanity is.

    2. my problem was in reading what #1 said in that he believed it to be satire…in otherwords…a known writing as such and yet the title said nothing of the sort………and yet the article stayed as a truely written one by an original reporter….thats where i got messed up and nobody told me it was an article written in good faith….and not satire……..
      So seemed to me, a bad joke and I then followed up with some words to straighten it out……..still no one did tell me but you Henry.
      ” i honestly thought this was satire when i sent it in” #1 says
      then i said well, is it or not and he just basically flips me off….and as of now I am not still very impressed……..with the guy!
      i am going to go on for a moment here if i may….
      Something we should all be reminded of when we address the situation of todays America..our own land.
      Killing people or being killed by other people is not cool. Yet with the continuous climate of the DC Ruling crowd and their conversation as though well, its just another day….so what! One’s mind can be overcome with input to the point of being quieted as though something which is………and then told well, it really is not…is just the norm…..If a fight by an outright assault upon us ever comes from the feds, there is but few out there who have any idea of just what it’s going to be like…….i have a fair idea. I was there in real hand to hand which had gone on years before I got there and continued years after i left Viet nam in latter 1969. Joking of such is with me, time for me to stand up and listen….and after I have listened I may or may not have something to say. This statement is not meant to belittle anyone, its not meant to make someone fearful, its stated so readers will come to know the seriousness of a combat situation, without having been there. I also think that regulars to this site and others of the same content, myself included, should take breaks from the constant pressure of the articles which are the most prominently posted……cause…the shit has not hit the fan yet…so until that happens give reality a break for what it truely is……
      Also if combat comes it is so unpredictable that i can not and no one else either can, predict just what will happen………except to say, it will be death and dying and wounded from the physical assault…
      this statement says nothing about heroism, cowardess, valor in battle or survival..cause of those doing the deed,there are no winners. just people who remain living…..on both sides…
      And then the sadness that lingers for decades if not longer
      Sincerely Robert Beason..US56639487 in country Viet nam 1969

      1. We bring the information here to ascertain it’s validity and then we use the best information we have to work on the problem. #1, like the rest of us, is just expressing what comes to mind.
        This situation is indeed maddening but we all are on the same side. I agree that most do not have any idea of just how ugly this thing is fixing to get, but I have to believe that nobody here wanted this. Most of us here are at an age when our fathers and grandfathers got to start slowing down. Now not only are we being pressed to step up, but we are also pressed for time as our own mortality marks the other bounds.
        A long way to go and a short time to get there.
        The tension will continue to elevate but in spite of hell, we must stay right with one another. We are all we have. As American nationals, we are all we need. There are plenty of communists out there to hate. I vote we hate them together, what do you say?

        1. i do my damdest not to hate anyone.
          i certainly do not hate #1…..
          and for people to feel as family on this site, i have the greatest respect for that also……
          Love is a forgotten lore until it is nearly too late, then somehow it showes up at just before funerals and the like….when all along it asked to be counted also, among the fallen leaves of the fall or the bright spring time flowers that sure enough do show up asking most of all to be counted, appreciated for their luster, and then some of which are pressed between pages of books, as reminders of those whom have just passed ,along the way……after the picking.

  6. no its not well known by me nor i should say others who commented on this……and where is the capitalized NOT…in the title?
    Henry has posted other satire and that is in the title……..
    This is just screwing with people.
    i am surprised he doesn’t throw you off here
    I suggest you get a second grip……….
    before you give us articles we may consider of some truth.
    You are close to being on the other side, rather, than on this one

    1. Are you off your meds again?

      I was talking about my comment, NOT the title of the article.

      Are you really that clueless?

      My sympathy.

      1. look man, i don’t take meds and never have
        and assults upon my character you better address as just that and not beat around the bush……
        pussy willows in my part of the farm are along down the creek…….
        and no where else……..
        Got It

  7. from now on I won’t read one of your posts
    if you are unable to
    post a story in good faith on your
    without explicitly telling a reader this is humor……..
    Do i have a sense of that
    Damn right i do…….
    and what you think it is ……..isn’t

      1. no it is not what ever
        all you got to do with your life is get on this site and post……….?
        get off the internet and then come back like you mentioned you have done before………
        perhaps then you might have some sense of dignity for others………that have eluded you while being so engrossed with “posting” in this realm……

        1. “…….assults upon my character you better address as just that and not beat around the bush……”

          But assaults upon MY character by you are perfectly acceptable? To wit:

          “I suggest you get a second grip……….
          before you give us articles we may consider of some truth.
          You are close to being on the other side, rather, than on this one…..”

          THE OTHER SIDE???


          YOU NEED TO STFU, @SSHOLE!!!

          ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
          ……….”…\………. _.·´

          1. assault upon your character?
            you never even answered if the article was a truthfully written article from the pat Dollard….. site…
            A guy that has been posting and blogging here you told me some time ago,of yourself, for more than a year and pulls this shit…..
            you deserve to be thrown out of here is what you deserve……..
            what’s the pleasure of being in such a manner? you tell me!

          2. rbeason,
            You are being unreasonable. We are all family here on this site and as to date, you show every indication of being one of us. But like Dan said, it is just an article. We bring them here to talk about them and no one is responsible for what anyone else thinks.
            This article links back to Politico. It is not satire, though it is certainly bizarre enough to be.
            I believe you are a decent enough fellow, but we don’t attack our own here. #1 is a good man. You should get to know him and everyone else who writes here. If you do this, you will understand why we save our animosity for the enemy and never attack one another in public.
            Let there be peace.

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