Military Update: DOD requests plan to close stateside commissaries

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Tasked by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to find ways to preserve force readiness amid sharply falling budgets, his comptroller and the Joint Staff have asked the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) for a plan to close all stateside base grocery stores, say military resale community sources.  

Backlash on commissary closure plan exemplifies DOD’s dilemma

Some defense budget relief voted; commissary cuts likely


2 thoughts on “Military Update: DOD requests plan to close stateside commissaries

  1. That’s right, keep pushin’. Piss off the very people who just happen to be the ones you train to kill people for you. I’m wondering when one of those drone pilots will have had enough, and decide to alter the flight plan. A little Cesna was able to make it from Canada to Nashville, then crash, without being detected. Just sayin’.

    Stay Alert, Stay Alive
    US Army 11B38A

  2. For years the People in Washington cut and slash the very Military they want to defend the country. Now the want to take awy Military and veteran perks. The Commissary save the people money. WHY well the people in the service keep getting hit with fees to pay for their own health,fees for schools which the government wants to drop free education later on. If you keep bashing the military you won’t have anyone that will join or fight. Maybe all Congressman and Senators should join the service be in a war jone and then see what it is like to have everything taken away from the VA to shopping,and trying to make ends meet. The Government has back stabbed the vets and military for too DARN LONG


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