Mississippi sheriff’s deputy accused of raping police officer


PANOLA COUNTY, Mississippi (WREG) — A Panola County Sheriff’s deputy has been on leave for several weeks during an investigation after he was accused of rape.

He says everything was consensual. Meanwhile, an outside agency has been brought in to look into this case.

WREG is not identifying the deputy because he has not been charged. 

The Panola County Sheriff’s office confirmed one of their deputies has been on administrative leave for a few weeks.

They would not say why, but sources say the deputy is accused of raping a female police officer who works in a nearby jurisdiction.

The sheriff says the Attorney General’s Office is investigating the case because it involves two law enforcement agencies.

A Mississippi Attorney General’s Office spokesperson said the agency cannot confirm or deny they’re working the case because that’s their policy in instances like this.

Law enforcement agencies might not be saying much, but the man now under the microscope told his side of the story.

He said he “absolutely” denies the allegations.

When asked why the women would make such serious accusations, he said, “Her reputation, and she wanted to keep a good clean reputation and that’s the only thing I can think of. The fact that I said something to someone and it made her mad.”


2 thoughts on “Mississippi sheriff’s deputy accused of raping police officer

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  2. In the event and promotion of public safety.

    We have put a GPS ankle bracelet around the accused officers chest testicles.

    So far we have see no pattern of rape or predatory behavior.

    Besides a pattern of going to liquor stores and hanging out in strip clubs.
    Shaking down hookers for favors.

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