Molon Labe NBC Report

Auto ShopPreparing for a trip to Operation American Spring required converting a portion of the kitchen into an auto shop.

Ryan Bundy stopped in for a pancake breakfast this morning. A pleasant surprise.

Two new arrivals from Arizona today. Welcome!

Today the laundry was picked up, washed and returned thanks to volunteers from Mesquite.

Darlene reports on the supportive reactions from all medical personnel she encountered during her overnight stay at the Mesquite hospital for an intestinal problem.

We missed you Darlene!

Tonight’s meal of home made tacos was provided by the Freedom Feeders from Mesquite. Many Thanks!

Mainstream media reports the residents and businesses of Bunkerville and Mesquite are weary of Bundy supporters. Wonder who the media interviewed?

Bill is ready with materials necessary to construct another wall at the mess hall. Once the staff at the Bunkerville Post Office realized Bill was from the Bundy Ranch support group, he was greeted with warm smiles.

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