More jet noise than usual over DC today

This is just info, and I’m not sure what it may mean if anything, but if others report it, could mean something.

I live near DC in the Maryland suburbs, and today I’m hearing an unusual amount of jet noise. This reminds me of the fighter jets that flew over the city after 9-11.  However, those were low flying jets. This is much higher/quieter. But it has been fairly constant all day, and it is getting me wondering what may be going on.

We normally have a lot of airplane traffic here but no noise from them (planes have gotten quieter over the years).  This is different, and quite detectable.

We have a lot of cloud cover today so it is not possible to see the planes or any trails they may be leaving.

Nothing definitive on the direction but it seemed to be coming from the south or southwest heading generally northeast. Very high altitude and moving more quickly than a passenger jet.


5 thoughts on “More jet noise than usual over DC today

  1. Very poor reporting.I could be hearing roaches farting all day and mean nothing.Why is this chit important.Plse explain if you can.

    1. What is the importance of increased jet noise? Is our country gearing up for some sort of invasion, either here at home or overseas?
      One thing for sure, you are a troll and you are out of here.

  2. I’m no ‘expert’, but I can hazard a guess: maybe those jets were headed North to Fort Indiantown Gap in Pennsylvania¿ (I don’t live far from there)
    We get quite a bit of air traffic from that place… sometimes it seems as though we’re being “invaded”! In all fairness, I’m close to the capitol city (Hbg), so we also get a good many helicopters…some of which are state police watching roadways, and others servicing the high-voltage electrical lines. I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary yesterday, but the whole neighborhood was running lawn and garden equipment, myself included.

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