More on the Postal Service Spying on Americans – The USPIS Included “Lists of Donors and/or Potential Donors’ In Warrants to Arrest ‘We Build The Wall’ Leaders

Gateway Pundit – by Joe Hoft

The US Postal Inspection Service (USPIS) intentionally included in their warrants to arrest the ‘We Build the Wall’ leaders, “lists of donors and/or potential donors” upon arrest.

We believe this data was likely used by the UPSIS recently to spy on conservatives.

We reported yesterday that the Inspection Arm of the US Postal Service has been spying on Americans per a report out at

WTH? Postal Service is Running a “Covert Operations Program” That Tracks and Collects Americans’ Social Media Posts

Then last night we reported that we believed we knew where the inventory of conservatives came from that the USPIS was spying on:

Today we have additional evidence to support our theory that the USPIS is using the ‘We Build the Wall’ inventory of donors for their inventory of individuals to spy on. 

First of all, in the warrant issued and used by the USPIS when they arrested the ‘We Build the Wall’ leaders, the USPIS specifically included, among other items, “lists of donors and/or potential donors“.  We have reviewed the search warrant and can confirm this was included.  This evidence is clear –  that they were aware of the donor list and wanted to get their hands on it before their agents departed New York on their journey to Florida to arrest war hero Brian Kolfage.

When the 15 USPIS employees exited their vehicles to arrest Brian Kolfage, for example, they may have been more interested in the data he maintained on his computers than on the man they came to arrest.  Also, when the warrant says “and/or other potential donors”, that likely includes all the data they could find.  They took it all.

We reached out to Brian Kolfage and he shared this:

The SDNY/USPIS knew that I had one of the largest donor data lists in the nation. They were monitoring my emails and saw everything we discussed related to these lists. The data I have goes back 15+ years of every single conservative donor and even some Democrats. The data shows who they are, where they live, their email, occupation, how much they have given and how often. This was the holy grail for them to have so that they could target people with ease.

The Justice Department’s Southern District of New York (SDNY) and the USPIS knew what they were after when the 15 officers pulled up to Kolfage’s house last year.  They knew what they were after when they arrested Steve Bannon and the others who on their own initiative built a portion of the Southern Border’s wall. 

The question is, did they then use this information to spy on Americans?  Since our USPIS and the SDNY are involved, and the FBI cannot be trusted to perform an adequate investigation, will any politicians get their hands dirty and dig into this outrageous violation of good Americans’ rights?

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