Moscow Just Took a Quantum Leap Into the Future

The Wealth Watchman

While we’re on the topic of Russia, my brothers, I thought it would be an excellent time to go through some of the newest, crucial headlines from that land, with an eagle eye.  These headlines are striking affirmations, that further validate that what we’ve been saying here at the Truth HQ, is 100% on the money! There can be no doubt that an alliance, called the BRICS, is positioning itself to be the new anti-globalist, anti-Western central banking force in the world.

In fact, there are well-respected voices within the Kremlin, who’ve now called upon the leaders of the East to step up the game-plan of the BRICS, and turn it from a mere trade and economic union, to an overtly, D.C.-blocking, anti-dollar alliance.  

Rest assured that with each passing day, every new brain-dead sanction that D.C. and Brussels hurl at Russia, is actually just another fresh log on the fire, incinerating their own power.

The West is descending into tyranny and poverty, while the East is making strides toward financial and economic liberality, and at “double time”.  It’s self evident that these preparations are being enacted, in order to live as best they can, in a post-dollar world.

If roughly half the world’s population is making those preparations, then doesn’t that behoove each of our brothers here to do the very same?  In fact, to all you preppers out there, each time you read the words “East” and “preparation”, your spidey senses should be tingling.  You should instantly tell yourself:

If Moscow is doing it…

If Beijing is doing it…

If New Delhi is doing it…

If Cape Town and Brasilia are doing it…

Then maybe this “prepping thing” has gone mainstream where “mainstream” matters most.

You’ve got to remember, that when you when think “mainstream”, you cannot do it in terms of what’s happening in America and much of Europe any longer.  The words “Western” and “relevance” are quickly divorcing themselves from one another, after enjoying a longstanding, cozy romance.

So let’s take a gander at the newest move that Moscow is taking, to reassert her role as a world-class power player.

Transportation Innovation

Whether you realize it yet or not, railway travel is going to be an enormously important factor in the years ahead, for a host of reasons.  There will come a time when many will simply not be able to hop in their car, and literally travel across a continent.  The cost, at some point, will be extremely prohibitive.  From the factor of “peak oil”, which many studious, and well-read analysts talk of, to the fact that those in the West are simply less able to afford that new car(or the gas which fuels it), the keen importance of a rock-steady railway sector is quickly becoming apparent again.

That’s precisely why when the Watchman saw this headline, I absolutely had to bring it up in the Truth HQ:

“China to put Russia on Fast Track to high-speed Rail.”

Make no mistake brothers, this story has unbelievable implications for the world, and the direction of our new century.

SD Bullion

Let’s break this headline down a bit, and do it greater justice than this brief story did.

The Long and Winding Railway

First of all, take notice of this paragraph within:

TOKYO — A planned $10 billion Russian high-speed rail system is a key project covered under the strengthened cooperation that Russia and China agreed to Monday.

This is not simply Russia deciding they’d like to lay down more track.  This is a joint-state venture, being pursued from the very top levels, between arguably the two biggest players of the BRICS.  This is another example of how the policies which the West is currently pursuing against Moscow (and to a lesser extent, Beijing) is pushing Russia and China much closer together, in ways that were unimaginable even 10 years ago.

Lulz! But, Watchman, Russia doesn’t even have high-speed railway technologies!  Their technology is horribly dated!  How is this a big deal?

First of all, in case you hadn’t noticed, the United States, the “indispensable nation”, is literally in the stone age, when it comes to railway technologies.

Don’t believe me?

Here’s a look at a high-speed railway snapshot from China:

Chinese high speed train

Or what about this one?

Chinese high speed trains

Or lastly, this?

Chinese bullet train

That last train above, by the way, can reach speeds of over 300 miles per hour.  That’s half the speed of a Boeing 727 passenger jet!  Just imagine sitting inside the bullet of a gun, while eating your poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce, and being fired through the air, and you’ll have some idea of what it’s like to travel on a 21st century railway.

Now, just for fun, let’s do a comparison with a look at some Amtrak trains here in the States!

Prepare to be blown away, by this…

Amtrak train

And this!

Amtrak embarrassment

Or this one!


Short on words here, shield brother?  Let me help you think of a few.

How about:




Seriously, are those photos of a super-power, or stock footage from the Island of Sodor?  I mean, photos like those above are a superb way of telling the world:

SD Bullion

Yeeeeeees.  Keep on shunting, Thomas!

Supposedly the imperial city(D.C.) has made plans to build an actual railway system… sometime in 2040!  And if you believe that D.C. is anymore serious about that than they are about , say, full energy independence, or getting to the bottom of the Lois Lerner email scandal….then your mind has taken a serious vacation(without the rest of you).

Anyway, back to the future.  Pay attention to the next line, cause’ it’s a doozy!

The Chinese side will not only help build tracks and stations as well as provide cutting-edge tech in railcars and related systems, but also offer low-interest loans to finance the construction.

Not only will the Chinese share the technologies(mostly German and Japanese) and the invaluable experience gained from building their own high-speed railways, they’re going to personally subsidize and finance the whole expedition, with judiciously low interest rates!

Shield brothers, as a small aside here, ask yourselves: is this a sneak-peak at the sort of projects that the BRICS Bank will soon finance for all its members, on a regular basis, as the irrelevant IMF is shut out, looking wistfully in through locked, double-paned windows?

Count on it!

Next, check out the speeds at which the trip on this railway will take place:

The China Railway Construction Corp., railcar manufacturer CSR and other government-owned Chinese companies will help link Moscow to Kazan, about 770km east of the capital. With a maximum speed of 400kph, this would be Russia’s first high-speed rail system. The plan is to begin operations in 2018 before the World Cup soccer tournament.

Anyone traveling eastward from Moscow, will be able to soar at speeds of roughly 250 miles per hour, arriving at Kazan in just 2 hours!

Once again, the East is light years ahead of the U.S. and the West in both vision and technology.

Watchman, there ya go again!  You’re such a ‘hyper’! Who on earth cares if Russia decides to build a high-speed train a ‘mere’ 500 miles?

Ahh, ‘Mr. skeptic’, boy am I glad you showed up to ask that!

First of all, do you think that if, say, Washington D.C. made an announcement, that they intended to build a high-speed, state-of-the-art train to Columbia, South Carolina within 5 years, that it would have huge significance?

Yes, so would I!  It would send a crystal-clear signal to the world, that they intend to stake a claim on the future, and remain a major player for decades to come.

Secondly, did anyone else notice the destination of the trip?  Kazan.  This is a big deal.

A Little Backstory on Kazan

Kazan, which is considered the 3rd capital of Russia, has long been a fascinating and very important hub for Russia.

For centuries, it was the cultural and political center of power referred to as the Khanate of Kazan. The people there, the Tatars, were a holdover from long ago times, when the Golden Hordes of Genghis Khan swept through the Asian steppes, and even destroyed key capitals like Kiev and Moscow.

Eventually, after the power of the Horde faded away, the Russians re-established control of their own lands, rose to power themselves, and became a great empire.  Yet, all the while, the Muslim Tatar peoples, were a thorn in the side of the Kremlin.  For decades, they bribed Moscow by asking for tribute to be paid, in return for not carrying out raids in the Russian countryside(which they frequently carried out).

Finally, though, Moscow had had enough, and in 1552, Ivan the IV laid siege to the important citadel within Kazan, and after a bloody battle, finally conquered the city, and removed the Khan from his seat of power.

Yet to this day, the Tatar people maintain a significant presence in the city.  Kazan is an important gateway city between Russia-proper, and the vast Siberian wilderness eastward.  It’s also one of the most beautiful and prosperous cities in Russia.

Take a look:

Kazan cityscape

The second picture is a good look at the Kremlin of Kazan(which is basically the Moscow Kremlin’s “mini-me”).

Great, Watchman, so they’ve got some postcard-friendly buildings, who cares?  I still don’t get the significance of this railway, it’s just a trip to one city!

Is it?  

Somebody didn’t finish the article!

“We will work to build a high-speed transportation networkto connect Beijing and Moscow,” Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said.

Waaait a second, I thought the emphasis was supposedly on the 500 mile trip to Kazan?!

No, take a good, long look at this map, which showcases the old Trans-Siberian railway:

Trans Siberian Railway

It takes a full 6 days to get from Moscow to Beijing on this traditional route.  It was a huge step forward…..100 years ago.  It’s time for an enormous upgrade.  Now notice Kazan near the northwest corner.  It’s very near the same pathway as the old Trans-Siberian railway, isn’t it?

What if Russia and China were to simply(and logically) make Kazan the important first stop of a new high-speed railway from Moscow all the way to Beijing?

Watchman, there’s no evidence that they intend to do that!  

Oh, really?

Then someone didn’t read the latest news on the project:

China and Russia are considering building a high-speed rail line thousands of kilometres from Moscow to Beijingthat would cut the journey time from six days on the celebrated Trans-Siberian to two, Chinese media reported Friday.

Traveling across all of Asia, by land?  In 2 days?  Brother, do you realize what you just read? Marco Polo would’ve gone into cardiac arrest if he’d been able to read that!

But wait, it gets better:

The project would cost more than $230 billion [about Tk 17875.60 billion] and be over 7,000 kilometres long, the Beijing Times reported — more than three times the world’s current longest high-speed line, from the Chinese capital to the southern city of Guangzhou.

They’re going to spend a quarter of a trillion(with a T) dollars, to construct a technological wonder that spans the world’s largest continent, in a distance of over 4,350 miles!

Yeah, but again, Watchman, what the heck does Kazan have to do with that?


The 803-kilometre line would be the first stage of the route to Beijing, CCTV said.

And there you have it.  We’re not looking at a mere $10 billion project to impress the onlookers at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

We’re looking at something which will change the way tens of millions of people will travel, all across Asia.

We’re looking at something which will change the way goods are shipped between Asia and Europe.

As NextBigFuture puts it:

A 5000 mile route through Russia could have 24 to 36 hour trips from China to Europe with trains moving at 200 miles per hour. Two day cargo delivery could be at half or less the cost of air transport. It takes about 27 to 48 days for a container ship to go from China to Europe.

How long do you think such an important project to Kazan will take to construct? 10 years?  20?

Not according to Wang Menshu, an expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering:

“If the funds are raised smoothly… the line can be completed in five years at the quickest,” he added.

Simply astounding.


Brother, as I recently asserted in an interview with SGT, the plates of the earth are moving under your feet.  The power transfer that’s occurring is so vast, and happening so quickly,that future generations of mankind will read their history books, and literally marvel at it.

You are laying eyes on events that many kings and nobles before you would’ve given their right arms to see!

The Western banking powers are hastening their own irrelevance and demise with every new sanction placed upon BRICS nations, as was indicated in that very article:

The railway would be a powerful physical symbol of the ties that bind Moscow and Beijing, whose political relationship has roots dating from the Soviet era and who often vote together on the UN Security Council.

They have strengthened their relationship as Western criticism of Russian President Vladimir Putin mounts over Ukraine and other issues.

The sun is setting on the West.  It’s sad but true, and it’s all our fault! The East isn’t simply preparing for the future,it’s preparing to be the future.

The future is now, and it’s moving forward with or without you.

So, why not simply adjust your sails, stack some silver and gold, and pivot to history’s crisp, zephyr winds, brother?

Sail boat 3

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4 thoughts on “Moscow Just Took a Quantum Leap Into the Future

  1. So a freaking train will carry a couple hundred Chinamen to Russia at 300 miles per hour so they can have Vodka with their noodles and chop sticks. Who f*cking cares.

  2. “There can be no doubt that an alliance, called the BRICS, is positioning itself to be the new anti-globalist, anti-Western central banking force in the world.”

    The BRICS Bank: Next Stop On The Road To World Currency (scroll down)

    “The BRICS Bank is anti Petrodollar, not anti Money Power.”

    Brics will still have usury, and until that is done away with the ‘old world order’ will continue it’s domination….

    The usa was used and abused by the money power since america’s inception and especially during it’s technological advancements.


  3. Russia ; The planned opposition in the Hegelian Equation. Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall! hahahahahahahahah. Show me one dollar bill that hasn’t pass through “THE Curse” of Usury. Theres a reason why all of our currency has been changed into monopoly money except , the dollar bill. It’s a talisman for?…Lucifer and his minions? It appears so;

  4. So what? Big Freakin’ deal!

    America built the 20th century all by itself without ANYONE’S help.

    What the author here doesn’t understand is that difference between America vs China and Russia is that America built everything by itself and fell from within. China is the economic/financial branch, while Russia is the military/political branch meaning that combined they may be the strongest power in the world, but all it takes is cutting off or crippling one or the other and BOTH will fall like a ton of bricks. THAT is their weakness and THAT may be easier to attack than an attack from within.

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