16 thoughts on “Multi car pileup in Germantown, Wisconsin

  1. Call me a back seat driver if you like, but it seems to me that these people might be just a tad heavy on the pedal.

  2. Are those guys driving those cars just plain dumb or what.It seems like the only ones that actually know how to drive is the truckers. Those that are driveing the cars should really know that driving conditions are bad and to keep their eyes open and slow down especially when it is obvious that there are accidents happening ahead.See what happens when people are always in such a big hurry.

  3. Hey digger, plenty of idiots observed on my trip to Green Bay. They just have trouble mastering driving a car with a beer can in one hand, a cigarette in their mouth, a taco in their lap, applying lipstick using the rearview mirror, while texting their boyfriends.

      1. How in the world does the insurance company sort this out? You will have 100 different stories…..I suppose they look at this video, but it will still be a culuster ****

      2. Nope, he was in the ditch calling for re-attachment surgery while performing the Heimlich maneuver on his girlfriend.

  4. @ Paul 5:56, I forgot to hit the reply button, sorry . Yes it was Paul. You would think that people would use a little more common sense and start driving a little more defensivley ya know. I guess that there are many people that have absolutely no common sense any more though. Prety damned sad isn`t it. 🙁

  5. Wow, some of these drivers were just flying! Common sense tells you, when the road conditions are slippery, you slow the heck down and drive with caution! Just because the posted speed limit says 65 or whatever, doesn’t mean that applies to inclement weather.

    I hope that the people involved in this pile up are okay.

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