N. Korea Puts Troops On High Alert Over US-Led Military Drill

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

North Korea has placed its military on alert and warned of “disastrous consequences” in response to a United States-led military drill near the Korean peninsula.

A North Korean military spokesman told state media on Tuesday that all troops have been ordered to “keep themselves ready to promptly launch operations at any time.”

South Korean Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-Seok confirmed North Korea’s military has been placed on high alert.  

This is worthy to note only because North Korea is a loose cannon and could at anytime attack ROK or US forces in Korea.  While its likely not to happen, it could and so i report on it to keep you guys informed.  It a broken record I know but remember, only in the last couple years they sunk a ROK warship and bombarded an entire island.  Shit does happen sometimes and it wouldn’t take much for this thing to explode into something bigger.  -Mort


3 thoughts on “N. Korea Puts Troops On High Alert Over US-Led Military Drill

  1. I have never in my 73 years seen so much work to get a war going. They are working on heart attacks if they keep this up. Neither the people or nations are paying attention anymore for they see the subterfuge behind it. That being because they keep doing the same things over and over expecting a different result and its has gotten old.

    1. True, but those of us with kids who were just sent over there (ours left TX on Sept. 7) are still paying attention. 🙁 (He’s stationed less than 30 miles from the DMZ and we Are in “heart attack” mode. Air Force Bases are Prime Targets)

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