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  1. this is why we cannot win people over to our side !!! it is not a “CHEMTRAIL” it would be called a vapor trail…! directed energy weapons do not leave a PLUME or a vapor trail in the air….12 year old jewtubers should not be trying to explain demolitions / explosions….I do not know what it was but the old trick is to spread as many rabbit trails to follow until the story is so watered down and confusing that people get tired and turn away……sorry just me !

    1. Chemtrail, vapor trail, looks like the 12 year old is on to something.
      And he didn’t say it was a direct energy weapon, he said missile.
      When a truth is told, it seems there is always someone there to try and muddy the waters.
      At least this 12 year old is questioning the narrative and from what I saw on the video it looked like it could have been a goddamn missile. This young man has grown up in a world where that might be the only vapor trail he has ever saw and just naturally called it a chemtrail, not knowing there is such a thing as vapor trails.

    2. its a twelve year old kid looking at this as exactly for what it is, another attack on American soil by commie scum, the kid is doing exactly what he should be doing, taking apart the phoney ass conclusions prepared by the enemies of our country.

      I dont care if he says it was santa clauses sled nose diving into the blast area right before the explosion, obviously its another ruse to camouflage the truth, nothing is what it seems, this kid is an American growing up around lies, and obviously smart and brave enough to explore for the truth.

      This was an explosion by commie filth to subvert us from freedom, on more well planned dagger into freedoms aorta, simple as that.

      Start the elimination of the filth, reinstate the Bill of Rights, and put more smart twelve year olds on the job of finding the truth.

      The kid is no dummy, smarter than the asshat sitting in the catbird seat currently at the white house as far as im concerned, give him the freedom merit badge, put him back on the job.

  2. Needs more investigation.

    According to the first half of the footage above [ Ref: Second Angle – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM0ZRyqPJzg ], the vapor stream/trail appears to come from behind the 3rd light post and the apparent prevailing wind brings it into view (1-3 seconds / Time: 0:01-0:03) before suddenly evaporating from the ground up (1 second / Time: 0:03) and then later (2 seconds / Time: 0:05) the top of the fireball can be seen erupting over the top of the building. The evaporation of the vapor stream is conducive with an explosive force that radiates from the source, radially outward and upward (from ground out and up). The origin of the vapor stream is unknown at this time. It could be from a building or another source. Given the approximate times for each piece of the scene, it is plausible that it might be a projectile, but not conclusive.

    According to the second half of the footage shown above, ([ref: Fifth Angle footage ] the assumption that the blast is not centered on the RV is not definitive enough. The footage is incomplete. Using a better representation of the footage [ Ref: Fifth Angle – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gM0ZRyqPJzg – Time: 0:16 ], shows that the central radius of the blast could have possibly been located central to the street, and not on the RV.

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