15 thoughts on “Nashville Explosion Caught on Tape (Third Angle)

      1. It’s just showing utter destruction, Mary, and asserting that it took more than we’re being told to do damage like this. I’ve also read some claiming it’s DEW’s. I do not know. But I know lies abound. Grrrrr…


          1. Hadn’t seen it. Thanks, Mary.
            Guess we don’t even get time off during the Christmas season. Glad you’re in The Trench though.


          2. Hadn’t even heard of this explosion till now.
            Are we in the coincidence stage as Nashville makes the second in 2 days apart.
            Accident, coincidence, conspiracy

  1. Did anyone else notice that the building behind the explosion is in the shape of an owl like Bohemian Grove’s owl Molek?

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