National Guards Assigned to Sky Towers in the Valley

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HIDALGO – A particular group of National Guards is assigned to sky towers owned by municipalities, sheriff departments and the U.S. Border Patrol in Hidalgo and Starr counties.

Two of them are in the city of Hidalgo. The police chief there welcomes the extra manpower.  

One of the towers in Hidalgo is on 10th Street and another located on 23rd Street.

They are equipped with cameras and operated by remote control.

Their purpose is to scan the surrounding area for illegal activity, 24-hours a day.

It used to be that the police department monitored them remotely. That changed this week.

Now, they are being manned on site by the National Guard.

Hidalgo Police Chief, Rudy Espinoza said, “Having National Guard here, it’s just an extension. It adds eyes in the sky.”

The guardsmen are part of the Texas Joint Counter Drug Task Force.

Spokesman Master Sargent Kenneth Walker says they are strictly a support organization whose role is to assist law enforcement agencies.

The members are from across the country.

Chief Espinoza says residents should not be alarmed because of the guard’s presence.

They are here to be another set of eyes to help deal with illegal immigration.

“We have to be ready to intercept or detect the criminal element that might be coming.”

The spokesman for the task force will be in town through September.

Chief Espinoza wants to send a message to local residents to maximize their security programs.

He encourages them to download the Hidalgo Police Department’s new “Hidalgo Go Connect” mobile application to their cell phones.


6 thoughts on “National Guards Assigned to Sky Towers in the Valley

  1. These police sky towers are EVERYWHERE in the Dallas and North Dallas area. There are at least 10-12 of them. Generally 2 per town/area. They are located in parking lots of shopping centers, Costco, Target, Walmart, etc. and no one says anything nor gives a shit. It pisses me off.

    When you mention it to people in the parking lot, they just say, “Oh they move them around every week. They are never turned on. I don’t even think there is anyone in there. They are just there for show. No need to worry. They don’t mean anything. The police just have nowhere to put them so they just put them here for now.”

    Besides the fact that these people are completely missing the point, they are utterly stupid, brain dead, completely naive and living in denial.

    God help us all!

      1. Oh, yes, let’s dispense with any critical thinking or action to free us from this enslavement forced on us, because churchianity says we must not make any judgements whatsoever about the sheep, the comatose, or the world-class criminals, and we must be passive and accept whatever our oppressors mete out to us, even death. Say, now, that would sure be a good way to assist the new world odor in eliminating 90% of us!!!

        What are you doing here, PH?

          1. LOLllllllllll. You do not know me for YOU to be JUDGING ME.

            Oh, I get it. If I put pastor in front of my name it would then be okay for me to make BACKHANDED JUDGEMENTS about others, then retreat and hide behind verses from a book that is continually edited and changed in meaning.

            Clean up the mess from your own sawmill, and since it’s one of YOUR rules, stop judging others.

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