Navajo police officer shot in Arizona


FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — The Navajo Nation says a tribal police officer has been shot in northern Arizona and a suspect is in custody.

Navajo Nation spokesman Deswood Tome says Officer Joseph Gregg was shot in the face Saturday in Kaibeto and was in stable condition at a hospital in Flagstaff.  

Tome says the officer was wounded by a 12-gauge shotgun and exchanged gunfire with the male suspect. Tome says he did not know where the suspect, who did suffer a gunshot wound, was being held.

The armed suspect barricaded himself after the shooting inside a home with an unknown number of children inside. Tome says authorities were later able to apprehend him.

Tome says police were initially called to respond to some sort of disturbance.

The FBI is now taking over the investigation.

Kaibeto is about 150 miles north of Flagstaff.

4 thoughts on “Navajo police officer shot in Arizona

    1. because the FBI like to feel important,
      and they have not murdered any family’s or burned down any comunity’s recently!

  1. I’m just guessing here, but I think the Feds may have to be called in if it’s a case of an American shooting someone on Tribal land.

    It’s kind of like crossing state lines with the bank loot.

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